Mfw life savings in Crypto (only 17k at the time of writing)

>mfw life savings in Crypto (only 17k at the time of writing)
>mfw I will literally never sell even if it goes to zero
>mfw holding is the biggest fuck you to the government and the (((banking system)))
>mfw I will financially die for the cause of a better economic system.
Keep selling soyboys. One day you'll realize the real reason why we hold.

this user gets it

>t. 95% of networth tied up in cryptos and Im ready to go down with the ship if I have to

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You wanna really fuck up the goverment?
Spend 1% of your crypto on stuff instead of just mindlessly holding.


Spending a little is ok. Spending a lot is not ok. We're not going for a Keynesian economics system. We're going for an Austrian system. One that incentivizes saving.

The only one you hurt is yourself. Nobody else will even notice.

We're all gonna make it, or not, in which case at least (((they))) didn't make it

No it actually hurts those looking to gain control of the system. The less liquid the market, the harder it is for (((them))) to get a larger steak in the system.

Same here user. Basically put a years wages into Crypto. Luckily I'll make it all back through wage cucking this year.

I unironically would rather lose all my money then give even a cent of it to the kikes

you're gonna make it for sure. The people who made it big in 2017 did this when everyone thought crypto was dead.

Good fucking attitude too. I feel the same way. I put in about 1/3rd my yearly salary and im starting to eat into my initial this month. But that's fucking pocket change in the grand scheme of things, and I'd hate to miss out on the next run.

This is why I won’t feel half as bad if I lose all my money, at least I got off my ass and attempted to fund something that might actually
Put a dent in the hook nosed bankers and child raping politicians pockets. Of course I didn’t dump my whole savings in and will still suck to lose what I invested but this is a giant middle finger to the ZOG, I’m not fucking selling. Weak hands will inherit nothing.

retards, but still thank you. Without you i would't have been able to increase my stack x18 and buy a house and a car

thank you for what exactly, you larping faggot?

Good for you user. Just know everything isn't about money. It's about control. And while buying those things may make your life materialistically better, they aren't going to free you from debt slavery. Whether it is your personal debts or your nation's. This is a movement to free us all from deficit spending.

And without you some other larping faggot couldn't do the same a year ago

>imagine selling your apple stock for 20$ instead of hodling it and having upwards of 20M

this is why my biggest regret wasn't cashing out my initial, I could be watching this shitshow with no remorse. Now I have mixed feelings

Nice WeKnowMemes watermark, faggot

you've already made it OP