How do we stop him?

How do we stop him?

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If they give the funds back to Tibanne hopefully he just gets sued into oblivion

Switch from btc to eth, it's that fucking simple. The holders are obligated by law to market sell for fiat and can't convert to eth.

we don't. let the fucker dump that shitcoin to zero, so we finally can be free from btc pairing. i don't even care if i take another 70% dip with my portfolio in the process if the result is that btc finally dies.


snipe him, like literally put a bullet through his skull


Fucking spic

>invest in volatile asset that is outside the umbrella of regulatory oversight on a market that is outside the umbrella of regulatory oversight.
>spend years dodging taxes, living out of your mother's basement
>expect any sympathy at all when you lose money.
I hope his face is the last thing that pops into your heads when you step off your chair.

>Stole thousands of bitcoins crashing the market
>Sells them to crash the market

how is it the big and scary Veeky Forums is unable to do anything to stop this fat faggot from repeatedly crashing the markets

well, his asshole will be the last thing your mother will see before a giant turd will cover her whole face tonight

Bullet in the gunt.

The next few minutes are critical for BTC

don't you guys get it? this guy has the power to crash bitcoin into the ground. If in the process another crypto takes number one position most coins won't be affected anymore by btc. i really hope this happens because i can't stand another 6 months of bitcoin fucking the whole market over.

>this guy has the power to crash bitcoin into the ground
>BTC dominance up almost 10% in the past month

Can we replace the captcha with an IQ test?

this is because people are using btc to cash out. as soon as alts have bottomed out you will see a huge btc dip. ETH will probably take number one spot in this process. and btc pairs won't be dominant after this making the market flourish again

Kill him

trade bitcoin for ethereum

watch this it's almost over

Here's a failproof plan.
We all commit suicide together, but we leave notes saying he's the reason (just make up something like scammed or bullied you), and before you fire off that gun you tearfully call the local media and cry about how your pretend money was RAPED by this dude and you can't take it anymore.
Within a few days there'd be thousands of reported death attributed to him.