A psychic (or remote viewer) told me that in six months to three years bitcoin will be non existent and ethereum will...

A psychic (or remote viewer) told me that in six months to three years bitcoin will be non existent and ethereum will be top of the food chain. Anybody on here ever followed a psychics guide or intuition to any avail? Serious question, serious answers

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since when have you heard of a billionaire psychic?

Nigger, unless this psychic killed a chicken and studied its entrails, you got ripped off.

I know someone who does, he's very skeptical but this psychic told him his house would burn down in a year, and it did, electrical wiring got fried and started a fire.

But 99% of them will be fraudsters, I think there is some truth to it but its a sin to sell these services for money. We can't really explain it yet so its disregarded as fraud and nonsense but thats what medieval people said about bacteria aswell and many other findings that we're perceived as magic (science) were demonized. Right now we're in an extreme of science over mystics and mystics are accused of fraud and such but there are some people that can tell you very accuratly what will happen.

Here in the West, we only fucking wuv da science until it suggests that there might be a genetic component to intelligence. Then all of a sudden, that goddamn teapot halfway between the earth and the sun is lowering nigger SAT scores

I had a dream (for the second time) last friday that indicated to me that we will see a major economic crash in 2023, on par with or greater than the economic downturn after 2001, and after 2007-08 crash.

My dreams have had predictive capabilities in the past and have a decent track record, but never for anything this far in the future. I think the longest prediction I accurately foretold by dream was 1-1.5 years in the future. That prediction was the coming of a newborn along with the sex of the baby, so it was also not as massive of a prediction.

I should note that reoccurring dreams are rare for me. Additionally, I can't remember an instance where a reoccurring dream resulted in a future prediction coming true, though like I said, they are very rare for me (like I can't even remember the last time I had one).

Ofcourse its linked to genetics, if you spend less time worrying about survival you have more time to spend on philosophy, math and art. Thats how early societies developed. The agricultural societies started to harvest abundant amounts of food and have more time to spend on leisure activities such as philosophy, math and art. And ofcourse your children will also genetically inherent the information that for example the body needs to focus more on developing a complex brain because thats what its parents we're doing, thats how animals and humans evolve, I thought this was proven already? For example, butterflies in an English forest started to evolve to being black-coloured because the industrial revolution left black ashes and smog everywere and the bright coloured butterflies we're suddenly exposed to predators. This evolution happened in a mere few years, that can only happen if you genetically pass down experiences.

Thanks guys am enjoying reading these comments I do believe there is some truth to this remote viewing/ psychic business, in the 70’s to 90’s (dates likely inaccurate)Dr Hal Puthoff and a team of remote viewers managed to predict the rise and fall of the silver market over a long period of time on the daily! Earning their corporate sponsor vast profits!


CIA also has done extensive research into remote viewing.

"Real" psychics are not allowed to take any profit from their clairvoyance because the universe will punish them badly. They also cannot speak in details what will happen with another person's future when they see it, they are only allowed to give some warnings and may not speak at all if it will disrupt the universe (they have it warned before they speak). If a psychic asks you money it's a fraud.

Project Stargate

True, actually the bible (not a fan of it) says the same aswell that such activities are a sin. You can't charge money for things such as seeing the future, or healing someone as these are a gift for you to share not to profit on.

I had more power when I was younger. I detected the presence of a spirit or lost soul in our house when I was very young. I didn't "see" anything, but it's more like a feeling, it was the feeling like someone was missing. I'm convinced the presence I detected was what would have been my oldest brother had my mother not aborted it. It scared me at the time, and because of that incident I suppressed and ignored my intuitions, which is why I believe it now comes out primarily in my dreams where I have less conscious control.

Just wanna add was
Not charged for this information guys and I’m wondering how far I can develop my own rv skills to help me with crypto

Learn to follow your gut (intuition) I do and it has helped me a lot making good calls also when to exit.

How do you learn to follow your gut?

Being an objective and fact reliant person, I can tell you, it's VERY VERY VERY difficult to get yourself to trust any gut feeling like that. I can't tell you how many times I've regretted not listening to my instinct/gut/intuition/whatever. The thought is always something like:
>Nah, it that's ridiculous, that'd never happen!

I've also performed parlor tricks (not really intentionally) like guessing the suit of a card I picked up off the ground, or one time (with witnesses), we were playing that game where you put a card on your forehead or something and you try to guess your card, well I was looking at a friends card and we were looking at each other (I think he had a 3 of something), and I made a bet with another person that I could guess the combined total of our cards. I guessed 5, and I ended up with the 2 (numbers might have vise versa, but it was a 2 and a 5). I think in this case there was a sharing of knowledge between him and I, which I have had happen to myself and close friends/relatives many times over the course of my life. The collective consciousness is very real, and you can tap into it... how? I have no idea, it just happens to me sometimes.

Don't ever dream about it, if you were ever gifted such ability you wouldn't be allowed to alter your own fate. You would see how you die and nothing you could do to prevent it.

Listen to the subtle voice/feeling, it will just give you directions all you need to do is become aware of it. Its gonna take a good amount of work if you're not used to listening to your gut.

Its those moments that you're saying to yourself
>I know I should have done this, why have I..?!
Those are the moments you didn't listen to your gut.

I too ask for a shaman to show me the future through chicken bones

Most important is when you do get that gut feeling to take a leap of faith and not doubt yourself.

Even knowing and believing what I do about my experiences, I STILL have a hard time trusting this shit.

Trusting a gut feeling is something like letting go. If you're used to trying to be in control and you're trying to micromanage every aspect of things, you will miss all gut feelings. There's a certain relaxed state of mind or weird mood you have to get into... And the way you identify these "feelings" is when they seem external to you... like you can't figure out how the thought got into your head. In a normal stream of thought, you think of one thing, and then bounce from that topic along a logical pathway of connected thoughts. Gut feelings (and creativity) seem to lack that interconnected thought stream.

This especially is true when you think about someone out of the blue, it often means that they are thinking of you or that they will be thinking of you soon. I predict incoming text messages of people I'm very close with up to several hours in advance sometimes.

>Seem external
Yeah I'd describe it like that aswell. But your gut feeling exists for a reason, learn to not ignore it your life can improve a lot. Its definitely worth the work I can tell you that much.

I’m using my mobile so I’m not sure how to tag comments but thanks for the people responding with serious answers am really enjoying your comments

>your gut feeling exists for a reason, learn to not ignore it your life can improve a lot

My best advice is to listen to that "inner child" and do spontaneous unexpected/unimportant things from time to time. Take a different route of travel when the mood strikes you, do something outside of your routine, introduce a little instability in those kinds of ways. Sometimes I do stupid shit like stomp on a leaf to hear it crunch, or splash in a puddle, or maybe move an object in an arbitrary and meaningless way. I'm not sure why I do those things, but I recommend it as an exercise in letting go and being able to tap into these feelings.

One time, I saw a pen on the ground in a place where I was working... someone had used masking tape (I think) to create a flower on the butt end of it. I took it and "planted" it in the ground, for no real reason... Just to add a little magic to my life, and perhaps to other peoples lives when they look around and notice the little things like that.

Or like earlier when I talked about picking up a card. Someone had strewn a pack of cards along the path I was taking, and one of the face down cards I looked at and as I went to grab it I said "ACE OF SPADES!" for obvious reasons, but it was the Ace of Diamonds. I kept the card and walked back to my car. At the time I had an MP3 CD player with a beat cd (mostly no lyrics) with about 150+ tracks on shuffle. I was getting ready to leave and the track shuffled around to a beat with a vocal sample intro and the first thing the guy says is: "My baby needs diamonds". Obviously all coincidence, but I took it as a powerful sign, I was really struck when it happened honestly. That card is now a good luck charm I keep in my car.

Bitcoin will be dead by the end of next week and you don't have to be a genius to figure out why.
All of us know now about the Mt Gox Trustee Whale, and Norman will find out in the next few days.
Bitcoin is dead. Long live King Ethereum.