Not anymore

I bought at $2 last time and rode it up to $20 before selling. Good times.

Also its not really a great buy right now as the hype around Kucoin has died down and it didnt become the next Binance like others were speculating. You could still potentially double your money I guess.

It doesn't have to be next Binance for this to bring you decent money over time. Getting to top 10 exchanges by volume will be just enough.

the coin is worthless, the dividens are super super small, and it was going 2 be used for trading, but that isnt needed either the fee is just .1%
I honestly think it should be worth around 20-40cents.

Didn't they reduce their dividend split from 50% to 15%?

Fuck you

wew good one lad

Buy COSS instead, it's at 37 cts right now and the fiat gateway comes at the end of the month. And COSS holders will keep the fucking 50% fee split forever, not like KCS holders.

Ummm no. I buy Bitconnect.

What is this, RunescapeCoin?

They reduced their dividend payout greatly, so I sold that shit.

I invested $100 in google ads to get kucoin refs and the next week they cancel their ref program
After this I can't trust these chinks


I'll consider accumulating if it survives the bear market. Right now Kucoin might not even be making enough money to keep operating.

I miss the euphoria I felt during wave 3...

COSS is even worse, larger competitors are also getting fiat gateways and they are also at risk of going bankrupt in a bear market...not to mention they have even less volume than Kucoin.
Hell, COSS didn't even get a bull trap, they just kept falling.

Wow the world's greatest dust generating token that comes with free exposure to one of the most common Black Swan events, an exchange collapse


Has anyone actually calculated the returns? I don't think it's worth it

It's a significant amount of money if Kucoin actually reaches Binance's volume, but that probably won't ever be happening.

This isn't true

Kucoin is trash tier compared to Binance.

Yeah, but what about with current volume or conservative estimate of it rising

At the peak of Kucoin's activity in early January, I got about $80/day with $900k worth of KCS.

with current volume the token is worth about 12 sats