In a few hours, this coin will gain 10x because retards will try to get in early. Then it will drop to the bottom...

In a few hours, this coin will gain 10x because retards will try to get in early. Then it will drop to the bottom. Buy and sell as soon as the price drop. Don't hold.

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get in early?

how come no one is talking about this? Wtf happened here?

Some error on cmc side

How in the name of god did this get to no.3 on CMC?

So literally every shitcoin in existence just needs to make trillions of tokens and then we'll have absolute trash coins filling the top 10 on CMC???

Unironically about to go all in

i think you're right because doesn't have this shit coin in 3rd rank, even after sorting by marketcap.

that is 1 turbo thot

i tried to warn u guys

paccoin will change the way you think about crypto

Already got my 50% from this

no it's not
one pac is almost 2c wtf

Unironically the reverse butterface. Would put bag over her body.

>falling for that p&d scam coin

if this shit x10 it's literally number one
very unlikely but it would be so amazing to see


coin burn by 1000:1
old marketcap 100m

CMC market cap 33b
real marketcap 33m

price has room to 3x if it goes back to it's old price.

Lets say you buy $1000 @ $1 a coin(so 1000 coins), coin was burned by a ratio of 1000:1. You now have 1 coin, and it SHOULD be worth $1000 cause nothing else changed, but it's trading for $333. PAC should hit 450+ sats later today once people realize this. Screencap

Its fappening

or they will realize it is a total shitcoin and has zero value or reason to exist

People who were stuck in it at one satoshi thinking the only way to go is up are going to dump when they realize the burn offers a mechanism for it to go down lol

yup in which case pac holders are fucked. Medium risk, high reward oppurtunity, pac will not dip below 100 sats, potential 450+

Fuck use cases, im trynna dump my bags on faggots

PAC is the #1 top pajeet scam coin, the dev has trillions of coins, it will NEVER pass 1 sat


It's disappeared from the front page