How is everyone else dealing with all this loss?

How is everyone else dealing with all this loss?

I'm down $20k already. I don't want to bitch out and panic sell then regret it, but who the fuck knows where the new floor will be. 90% of my portfolio is ETH. What if it goes back down to $300?

This whole thing has made me really introspective too. I've spent the last 6 months of my life sitting alone in my room obsessing over how to make more money on this and now I'm not far from where I started...

The loneliness is almost as unbearable as losing the $20k. How do you deal with being alone all the damn time user?

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I have 3x down from 12k to 6k. Only normies and holders fear dips. Use them to your advantage.


you'll never make it if you can't use 20k in gains to be productive

Moved everything to link. now I can delude myself that I'm a long-term holder while frantically browsing biz for any signs of validation that my decision was correct.

You have to think long term. Unless you think that crypto is going away forever like Betamax of Lazerdisks, then you should be thinking about accumulating to add to your positions.

As far as loneliness, try grindr. Maybe suck a dick or two, see how you like it. Or try Suck another dick or two. Meet a bunch of weirdos. Before you know it, being lonely all the time won't seem so bad.

we're unironically right on schedule for massive gains so be patient

Fuck everyone else here.

They can all laugh at the advice I'm about to give, but like I said, fuck them all. They all have their own issues too.

Do yourself a favor. Go to that shitty massage parlor you keep seeing. The one that doesn't say anything on it except 'Asian Massage' and has an open sign in that strip mall.

Go in, talk to the old angry Asian lady at the front desk. Tell her you're there for an hour massage. She will ask if you've been there before, say yes. Pay her the $40 to get in.

She will take you to the back in a private room. Leave $100 on the table, and a young Asian girl will come in. Do as she directs. She will ask what you're looking for, tell her 'everything' and wink at her. She will start the massage.

Test the waters, rub her leg. If she doesn't protest, run your hand up to her ass. Eventually she will turn you over and do things to you that will make you tolerate life for at least another week.

That's how I get through it at least. As far as losing the $20k goes, I'm sure you're young. You'll have plenty of other opportunities.

welcome to the club. we're happy to have you.

Very nice

is this standard protocol or will I get kicked out have my picture on the news with a crying chink #metoo

I didn’t want to bitch out and panic take profits in December. Why if I missed out? What if kept going up for all of 2018? Greed. I have lost $20k since then. I could have paid off my and my wife’s car with that. But noooo. Muh greed. Muh exponential never ending growth. Muh permabull market. Just sell dude. I could have had 30k but sold it all for 10k. Feels good not obsessing over this shit and having made a bit of profit.

Very standard. Just avoid the ones that say 'licensed massage therapist'. There's one exactly like I described on every corner for a reason.

If you want to be extra careful do a little research at

same boat except I'm down $200k from ATH. legit thinking about killing myself.

do you get sex or just a handjob? there are 3 places like you described within 5 miles of me just never had the nerve to go inside

I'm down 50% but i got in at ath late december. I'm not stressed because i put in only some play money, Like i would do for a gamble, in fact i'm enjoying the ride so it's worth it.. not feeling lonely because i have a family, i often wish to be alone for at least one day

>how do you deal with being alone all the time

You've got to meet people and make friends. The psychologists will tell you this, Aristotle will tell you this, your father will tell you this. Humans are social creatures and we flourish with others.

re: the lost funds...are you still up your initial investment? Then I wouldn't sweat it. You are not in control of the market. I intend to hold T LEAST until my coins go to mainnet, but realistically I'll hold for longer than that.

I guess I'm a little obsessed with the hobby.

Even my investments have leaned this way. I put 5 ETH in the PinkDate pre-ICO a few weeks ago.

They're doing something similar but instead of having to beat around the bush you can use their app to pick which girls you want. You guys should do your own research obviously, but if you do decide to buy when the ICO comes back use my link to get a bonus.

d-delet pls

Depends, usually the $100 will get you full service (sex). Sometimes they want $120.

My place does blowjobs for $75, handys for $60.

>90% of my portfolio is ETH

Simple: It's not loss until you sell.

So you think you'll stop going to the parlors if you had an app like this?

i hope you're joking. link is a biz meme that you should invest max $100 into, just incase it really does go to $1000 (it wont)

Also lost over 10k, but not too upset remembering that trading is 50/50 and hindsight is 20/20. If I started trading I might just lose everything a lot faster. I held past 2014, it's no biggie holding past 2018. It's still just monopoly money to me. Never invest what you're not willing to lose.

That's really not too unaffordable. It's been years since I've been with a woman too.

Thanks man, I'm gonna go get laid. I could use it after these past couple of days.

I have begun practicing stoicism, like the great men of Greece and Rome in ancient times. It really is liberating to not have to deal with succumbing to your own anxiety and fears, would recommend.

Trevon James is that you?

He made the same shitty argument. Don't sell BCC as you haven't lost until you sold it.

as i hate 99% of the crypto "community" (especially the retards on reddit) i can watch with glee as they freak out. this is better than making short term gains.

Why don't you fuck off then? Why would you actively participate in a community you hate? That makes no sense and makes you sad like a sad little bitter man.

Get over yourself. You're just another shitty human being, nothing more.

any idea what the minimum is?

>How is everyone else dealing with all this loss?
Buying the dip.

They're doing profit sharing. this could be a way to get around having to deal with these shitty dips.

So you're profiting off of hookers sucking dick?

what is the difference between 100% and 99%?

I believe that is what is known as Pimpin'.

From what I understand it's actually not as easy as one might expect.

Being explicit is good. What if you want a specific fetish - you can put it into a search bar. You can't do that for massage parlors.