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haha where's the guy with 500k of this shitcoin? still bragging?

Deluded axpies
He had 420k

no he bought more lol

weak fud, everythings bleeding. this thing is still gonna moon hard once it gets going. sittin comfy over here

it's actually green right now
so why RIP?
just average down because there wasn't supposed to be any developments until mid march as stated.

this is skyrocketing right now, target price is around 1ksat

>weak fud, everythings bleeding. this thing is still gonna moon hard once it gets going. sittin comfy over here

Fucking Dejavu


I made this thread before it started pumping. Lol @ my timing


Roger ver saw your post dude

Holding this longterm. Most boring fucking coin ever. Boring usecase, boring team, boring logo, but it's gonna make me money so happy to hold onto it.

just throw $100 or $200 at it and forget about it for a few years. don't even look at the price. that is the best thing you can do on some of these ICOs and alt coins if you have the extra money to forget about.
if you throw enough shit on the wall something is bound to stick.

Looks like the pump is over for now. Here's hoping we don't fall back into another ditch


He will probably come in and say he is still comfy while we all know he's on his fifth bottle of xanax this week


who is this

This coin is boring but has legitimate usage.

Roger Ver will shill this bullshit.

Super low Marketcap too. Actual working product as well.

Easy 10-20x, why do you hate money?

actual working product with a tacked on usage case for tokens. was working fine without a blockchain attached.
also only has one paying client in a super competitive industry (ERP/MIS)

Actually attaching blockchain to their product ensures data loss doesn't happen which is a huge thing in Fintech.

I don't give a single fuck about this coin though. I just wanna make my dough. Veeky Forums associates coins with their own identity.