Why is nano pumping?

why is nano pumping?

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the absolute state

possible scamcoin of year 2018, much idiots fall for thier good marketing

Because it has a lot of potential.

on marketingpaper :D

Nanex. Co nano pair exchange listed btcp exploded in volume for the first time

Idk if I would say it's pumping really, but nanex, nanowallet, bitgrail fud dying, twitch donations, and roadmap soon™ are all potential reasons.


trading nano during this dump has been ridiculously sexy

I'm still down because i thought previous 13200 was a dip


Yeah pretty much this, it's way undervalued still desu

>way undervalued

of course it is. top 5 EOY, nonanos will be contemplating suicide for missing the most obvious moon of 2018


Being this oblivious.
Objectively the best coin that exists.
No fee, instant. LTC, BTC has no reason to exist.

Worst ERC20 token.

Why not?

Its about to dump

yup double topped at 12100

waiting waiting

Because it's shit.

is nano really an erc20?


Thanks for the heads up bro.

Story time: I hold nano and link and every time I tried swing trading between the two, the price difference barely fluctuated at all.

It's uncanny how closely they mirror each other's ups and downs, it was basically impossible to swing trade those two.

This is the first time I've been able to make some actual gains by trading from one to the other, so thanks again OP.

BTW if I'm right LINK is about to start going up very soon, like less than 10 minutes soon. Unless nano crashes again...

How much will it poomp

idk lemme ask my 8ball

Hopefully to $20 USD

are you an idiot for falling for good marketing?

What marketing?

When will it dump?

Pnd every couple of days. Most manipulated coin in top 100. There are whales with millions of XRB taking normies for a ride every time they feel like it


Tell backstory on how you got burned buying high and selling low before you give this opinion retard

Daily Stoch RSI fully reset and trending up. Going to moon the next 6 days. Screen grab this.

It's the chosen one

What this mean

Lemme cheque first..
Chequed !


Check this

no...you check this

Be aware. 50 dollar per nano will summon cryptohitler

Are we still going up?

No, Colin apparently died of a heart attack

NANO has those weird random pumps and then go down 20%

Next 200%

Why ever own litecoin? Nano replaces litecoin.

because charlie lee is a stupid faggot

Kys back to junior high

Sold at 115k sats. Wasn't expecting a pump until roadmap. AHHHHHHHHHHHH

so you own litecoin because charlie lee is a stupid faggot?

Because Japanese whale?

>Nano replaces litecoin.

if it isn't on coinbase it replaces *nothing*

you need a major on ramp.

Coinbase next week

Nano +25% and leading a fresh new bullrun!

Nano will inherit the earth