Check this shit out. 5 pots near 10x. True bog plays have been happening, the game is evolving to a new meta...

Check this shit out. 5 pots near 10x. True bog plays have been happening, the game is evolving to a new meta. Best dApp around for sure, those EPX dudes are crazy though.

the fuck, any bull pot can win big right now

this shit gets less predictable every day

Even the bear pots can win though. Although there's 9.5 hours till close... who knows what could happen.

Any of the circled pots could win huge tonight. Infinibulls bet too early

I’ve been calling this all week. My sweet 10x win will more than make up for losing a couple of times heh

These two pics were four minutes apart... this shit can change so fast. Makes sense why people still wait till the end and pay the vig. People will bet full bear thinking they get 14x and turns out they'll only get 3x...

Confirmed that the guy who dumped us into 0 bear territory was a top 25 token holder - I wonder if he's out for good, or if this is a play...

Maybe his plan is to dump, have everyone bet on bears, then pump to minibull and finesse everyone's shekels

Unless the play is to go Maxbear, cause that money is all coming back in once the bets flood to the bear side!

That's unlikely. The brackets are so closely spaced now that there's going to be huge pumps regardless.

Fuck. This game is always on such a knife edge.

The thing is, Etherscan shows this guy has profited already this week, and isn't afraid to take a risk to make some sweet ETH

It pays to be bold man, I don’t want to pay 15%. We just had two max bull days, it’s time for a good bear day I think. Plus waiting around just means someone else will come in and steal your odds

That's just what Bog wants you to think. You're expecting bear. It will be bull

Indeed - he's won a pot of over 2 ETH, he's one of the biggest winners so far. I don't think he will walk away from the game.

But what if it's bear?

Fuck this. I'm on infinity bull and middle bear. I can't take this tension and we're 9 hours from the close.

If it's bear it'll only be because more people bet bull... It took a couple days but I think the whales are finally here.

fuck off back to your discord faggots

agreed. One thing is certain. Some shit is afoot.

A holder of 97 tokens is hedged on minibear, minibull, and midbull.

For the first time in a while, the middle pots might be the play for the bogs here

Hahaha - who's the salty one?

cry more

This was you wasn't it

In any case if this trend keeps up, we should be seeing INFINITE volume tonight ..


It's gonna be hard for them to get on the middle pots with people pumping and pulling all the time though. That's why I'm hedged further out than I want to be.

I wish I was ballsy enough to put 0.1 on that 25x and win it.

My whole strategy is that these guys are going to inevitably miscalculate one of these days and knock it into a middle pot with like a 15x mult. That’s where i’m Parking myself. Only have to be right 1/14 times to make a profit on that strategy

Yep, I am with you on that - everyone bet the ends - the middle pots aren't going to win!

damn u rite

Even when I lose, my betting funds come from dividends from people pumping and dumping the price. Infinite betting fund.