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7 years..well...that aint to much..right andy dufresne ?

Lel. Good Riddance.

>TFW regret looking for street cred



At least we'll have the same President when he gets out.

Oh user... you're in for a rough couple of years

Youre in for a rough life leftist faggot

I'll press R for REkT

reminder that no one went to jail for crashing the entire world economy in 2008


Am sad
Fuck feds
Fuck cucks

Dude. You seriously better be quiet about that stuff, those people will have you commit suicide via 2 bullets to the back of the head...

he literally did it for the lolz.



Aside of memes, he truly was one of the greatest and good people on this shithole of heart.
This is a lesson for anyone who believes in "morality"

He's a dipshit who doesn't understand that if you're going to fling shit you shouldn't be sitting atop a pile of it. Textbook idiocy.


We should write him a letter in prison

I hope he bought link before he went in


He was one of us

Let's write it, 1 word at a time:



kek. look at the age demographics of the last election dumbass.
have fun being that weird older relative nobody likes to visit.

It's all a larp until you cross some guys who have real money and don't give a shit that you're an archetypal american success story.

>Assistant U.S. Attorney Alexandra Smith told Matsumoto that Shkreli wasn’t being prosecuted for being “the most hated man in America,” but because he is a convicted criminal.
Wow, I am so convinced that this wasn't a witch hunt.

It's not a witch hunt if he's actually a witch lmao.

The last generation

He will only serve a third of that anyway. Good behavior and all.

kek. shkreli broke the law. now he's getting punished.
you can bitch about how fucked the judicial system is all you want but the fact is that you faggots only care now because it's fucking over a white shitposter like you.

He responds.
He wasn’t. One talk with him and it would be apparent. If you get your opinions about him only from news articles I can see why you’d think that though.

If you ever end up on trial for a criminal offense, pray your judge AND prosecutor isn't a woman. Because women make such good decisions.

Fuck this stupid cunt.


>not understanding the analogy
If he had fucking followed the law, he wouldn't be in prison. A witch hunt implies baseless accusations.

Isn’t it fascinating how commies look exactly the same as they did 100 years ago. Only difference is instead of papers it’s a MacBook

>dis is a raaayyyccciiaaal thang
Come on now. This guy made rare disease drugs that no other pharma company would make because it isn’t profitable. He actually cares about these patients and would personally meet them.
I just think the sentence is too harsh. Had he been someone else that wasn’t so public I don’t think it’d be 7 years. The judge made several references to his prior conduct during the sentencing while also saying it played no role. Sure I’ll take her word for it, what’s done is done, but his attitude was very clearly tacked on to the sentence. Mobsters get off with less

>dis is a raaayyyccciiaaal thang
I don't even think it is a racial thing. just pointing out the irony of Veeky Forums having such a boner for judicial injustice/inefficiency right now, when it's well documented that black people (for example) get fucked over by courts all the time and nobody gives a fuck for the most part.

Sentencing guidelines called for as much as 27 years. He got off lightly. Next time he wants to bring attention to himself, he'll make sure the skeletons are nicely secured in the closet before spouting off like an idiot. The kid isn't dumb, he's highly reckless.

He wasn't a convicted criminal before this

Look at the journalist who wrote that sentence and its logic there. He's being prosecuted because he's a convicted criminal, and he's a convicted criminal now because we successfully prosecuted him...

He thought his money could protect him, that's how nasty of a cretin he is.

Link me. I have a hard time believing this isn't just misconstruing the quote rather than what you're suggesting (particularly if it was said by an Asst. US Attorney).
I imagine what she really was implying is
>Shkreli isn't being sentenced because people hate him. it's because he broke the law.

steal from the poor = okay

People like him always come back even harder like that Rogue Finance guy. If he doesn't end up dying

steal from the poor? user please explain

Jewish cunt, hope he rots in prison.

reddit normie kys

Full quote:
Assistant U.S. Attorney Alexandra Smith told Matsumoto that Shkreli wasn’t being prosecuted for being “the most hated man in America,” but because he is a convicted criminal. “This was not an isolated lapse in judgment,” said Smith. “This is four different fraud schemes over five years. … He has no respect for the law.”
notice the lapse in quotes for the exact part of the statement you're saying is significant. that's editorializing on the part of the author.
regardless of that, read further into the quote:
>This was not an isolated lapse in judgment,” said Smith. “This is four different fraud schemes over five years. … He has no respect for the law
To me, this is a fine counter to saying this is a witch hunt. by their logic, this is the most recent instance (of several) of Shkreli disregarding the law for his own convenience, and that deserves punishment.
I don't care if you have no interest in reading things critically, but don't peddle your bullshit interpretations as fact.


And yet Hillary Clinton is still free. Fuck this world. None of his investors even lost money

see you when you are over 40 years old

Hahahaha even the court room illustrator drew him as a neckbeard.

Who dis? Done wat?

Just read everything about him. He played the devil to do good.
Poor guy, atleast he redpilled some people.
Keep it up murricans.