10,000 stinkies

FINALLY made it to my target. 10k stinkies. Thank god for these shitty markets, and that Mtgox lawyer dipshit.

Strapped in for SXSW. This might be the end of the accumulation era for this coin.

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Don't let us LINKers down, Sergey. We need this. Let SXSW begin our ascent to the heavens.

>putting off going to get teeth fixed because link is low
>phone bill due 4 days after sxsw
>may not get job I'm interviewing for if I miss the phone call
>100% of my money is in LINK
>only have rice and canned ham for food
I really need this to get back to at least $1. I don't want to let go of more linkies than I need to. Please moon money belly

You winned.

>saving money on water and hygiene products to buy the dip
>tfw literally a stinky linkie

I'm pretty close to my make it or break it point financially too. $1000 or an hero!

I'm a loony LOON with 111k stinky linkies purchased all at .77 on average. Will I make it anons??

Congratulations my man!

Now put it onto a Nano S, delete blockfolio, forget about everything for at least a year. Mark today in your calendar. 9th March 2019 you will be a millionaire at the very least.

well done lad.

if you buy 111k at .77 average you've already made it

I feel you cuz, I just broke 10k this past week. Feels comfy af


Lol. With 80 grand I'd make it living in a cardboard box for a few years


When people look back years from now, and try to analyse what happened, what caused this opportunity to slip through their fingers, they will look at us and think we were absolutely insane, but also very right somehow, and that will lead them to ask some very big questions about their life and the world in general. People are going to lose their minds.

this is one of the most exciting parts of this whole thing

for lunch ive beenreplacing my usual $10 meal and cutting down to $1. i hope to make it to 10k next week.



Good luck brother. It's worth the sacrifice. Respect to you.

Less than 10k wallets have more than 1000 Link. Isn't that going to be fun?

sounds like fun
t. 26k linkie

Lots of people leave it on Binance though.

t. 13k on Binance

memes are becoming awfully real
nice dubs

Great point
t. >1k on binance

get a ledger nano s

I recommend the Trezor over the Ledger

>for lunch ive beenreplacing my usual $10 meal
fat fuck living at home spotted.


Trezor be hacked, HE WANTS YOUR LINK!

Got bored with my 20k sitting in MEW. Sold some alts into LINK before the crash at 5050 sats. Trying to swing a 1700 link stack at 5% gains and there is zero price movement the past 4 days

30.7k link
70.2% of portfolio atm. Also got some nano.

It's a sign of things to come. Swing traders, you better have a nice stack reserved for holding.

convince me that I will make with with 200k LINK lads, my portfolio has been bleeding the past few days

trading 1.5k link, got 30k in stack. very comfy


>decided to become a linkmarine
>googled how to join in on the link fun
>got a phone call from the bognadoffs
what do

>living at home
You don't say user


I prefer the layout compared to the Ledger.
It seems more straight forward.
It comes with MEW wallets when you plug it in and go on MEW.
I recommend getting one user.

Better interface. Also coin lock feature

That feel when only 5k Linklet. Not gonna make it to lambo land

The nasally voice really makes this

5000 * 1000 = 5,000,000 that is double what you need to make it

>itt: future anheros for buying retard links
Stay poor you NEET faggots.

203k here, we will be as living gods
Don’t even think of selling before the $50 pump, then maybe try to pick up some more on the pullback

That feel when I will be weak handed and sell before $1000 because I think $1000 is a meme

Now do I pick up some more Link or EOS on this dip?

have you ever heard of the expression "never invest more than you are willing to lose"?

you got some big balls tho

>just hit 5k stinkers
>unsure if I’ll be able to hit 10k before the conference

J-Just a little more time

I have a personal loan for $12k coming and it can't hit my account fast enough. Will I make it in time Veeky Forums?

Mainnet doesn't release till later this year, why wouldn't you make it?


There is a chance normies will realize the greatness of link and drive the price up.

Dump it.

Sergey isn't the type of guy to shill at events...I think the real moonshot will begin when mainnet is released.

The absouslte state of stinkier linkies