You have been warned

2018 will be the year of dApps. Bitcoin only does ONE thing, and how often do you send money really? Compared to when you use storage apps, gambling apps, games, messaging, prediction markets or decentralized exchanges ?

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it's amazing how you've got it 100% wrong

>you can't tell the future...... but I can
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What's up with the eth shills? Worried about your bags?

thanks for the insightful counter argument

well go and look which coin is up more on a yearly basis. I have my 12$ average price bags quite comfy which i then 10xed in ICOs like Gnosis and OmiseGO

Next question ?

none of the things you mentioned need blockchain tech. only electronic currency needs blockchain

any industry with a fat middleman raping people with fees is ripe for blockchain. (See the credit reporting industry, home title insurance & searches, etc.)

you are not aware of the regulations of internet gambling i hear ? Would be quite nice with a decentralized system right?

I agree. BCH will reach 95% market dominance.

eth can't even run Crypto Kitties without crashing entire blockchain

omg, y are russian grilles so perfect

>what is plasma
>what is sharding
>what is Raiden
>what is sidechannels
>what is being protocol blockchain others can impement fast protocols(see funfair) upon

A global currency is a potential 10 trillion market cap.

What's the market cap of crappy decentralized apps? Even if there was a substantial ecosystem, would it even be worth $200B realistically?

Additionally, many of the smart applications you mentioned, like decentralized exchanges, can be better served as a 2nd layer solution on top of the Lightning Network.

Finally, no one says Ethereum will be the winner when it comes to smart tokens - there's already some decent competition with NEO and Cardano and there will be others.

too much competition;
why wait for all those bandaids to come to life, why not migrate to a better platform?

All dApps will be built on Request Network and EOS. Your shitcoin is fucking dead, and the pedo founder will be in jail, very, very fucking soon.

>You have been warned.

You know that BTC is already implementer ontop of ETH right? You also know that basically all new blockchain companies that are not building their own blockchain is doing it ontop of ETH? I wonder why. Are companies with real business models a better investment than a currecny? What do you think will grow more? Is it better to hold USD vs stocks and bonds ?

Show me one(1) app in production running on NEO or ADA Please
Those are not bandaids, those are developments built on the protocol. It's like saying a computer game is a bandaid top OPenGL

Yeah that's why smart people and all of the industry leaders are working with EOS now. Not fucking slow broken ETH

>request network

holy fuck I fucking hate you REQ shills. I hope your shitcoin goes to zero.

You’re an idiot. It’s never the
Smart contracts faulty. It’s the shit-tiered devs that are in over their greedy noggins

I have a lot of EOS to, since all ETH guys hate it I figured it must be a really good bet. It can be the next NEO price wise.

This doesn't mean ETH is bad.

nothing personal kid

And ethereum has no way to police their network so that it doesn't get shitted up by cryptokitties. Ethereum will never be used for professional business applications.

EOS has contract freezing and built in arbitrage to recover funds from contract holders.

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It's irrelevant what any other network has because right now it's all about developers. Look at fucking Javascript (absolutely garbage language) yet the most used. Why ? Mass adoption on the web. First mover advantage is huge regarding anything tech related. All the tools and frameworks are build around eth which can no longer be dethroned. They will patch that shit to infinity than use something else at this point it's unstoppable.
Look for developer adoption and see for yourself. All the features that are missing will be added over time since the users of the network are mostly developers.


Yeah I see Websites and dApps migrating already. I have done my research and none of these other 3.0 have anything other then scam fake services (possibly) being developed on them.

I see exchanges, new dev kits, everipedia (already gets huge traffic), and in the dapps part of their forum hundreds of dapps being developed.

Block One and Galaxy literally have billions to migrate people on to the chain. There is going to be an ecosystem from day one.

I really recommend anyone to do their research, the MC is already so big shilling on here isn't go to do shit, I just have spent hundreds of hours looking at what is actually going to be "the platform" and it's obviously going to be EOS for the coming year.

Plus it has superior governance - Value through massive airdrops, 4 planned already for day 1 - As a currency it will be the best as well with .5s block times.

Oh I forgot to tell you that you are wrong because Java is slow as fuck to run on an actually fast network.

It could be a surface abstraction and run fine but for on chain you need c++

Haskill is slow as shit too.

So fuck all of you illiterate investors.

Jesus wtf language are you talking you literal mong. You also sound like you have no clue of what you're talking about.