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Just saw the news, feels so fucking good. I upvoted the SHIT out of the link on r/JusticePorn. God, I fucking LOVE seeing you right wing pieces of shit locked in cages like the rats you are. Maybe don’t LITERALLY raise prices on dying children you piece of shit. God, my justice boner is fucking rock hard seeing you right wingers squirm like the maggots you are.

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Trying too hard m8

this is the worst bait I've seen in months and it'll still get 100 replies


Sage low quality b8

Yeah no totally this. Like its weird. I mean, you didn't actually think anyone would fall for this right?

nice one user

Fall for what? Go look at the front page of reddit buddy, we’re celebrating. Soon your president will follow this scumbag for being a treasonous piece of shit.

I unironically enjoy the fact that he's going to jail.


Martin Shkreli is as left as they come. He donated $8,000,000 to Bernie Sanders . Everyone knows this
And this


stupid is as stupid does

Trump will pardon him and the tears will be glorious

This is pretty weak desu

brainlet kys


This nigga serious?



people like you just fuel our fire

called it. stop bumping for attention and let your thread die you subhuman

> Dude starts crying
> Admits to wrongdoing
> Admits to defrauding investors
> Agrees with psych report calling him a nutcase
> Says (actual quote) "Those who looked up to me... reassess my position. This is my fault."
> Says "There was no government conspiracy to take down Martin Shkreli. I took down Martin Shkreli."
> Meanwhile, everyone on Veeky Forums unironically pic related

>go to the front page of reddit