Come to biz every day

>come to biz every day
>see literally the same threads every day

is biz the most boring board?

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Why is the guy in the picture angry?



LOL do the math you absolute Australian.

Veeky Forums is a giant sell indicator, if you are holding what they are shilling, sell

I'm convinced that biz is 50% paid fudders/pumpers, 25% extreme autists posting multiple threads per day/samefagging in threads, 20% pajeets/scammers, and the remaining 5% includes myself and other real, stable people being confused and frustrated by it all.

if you don't know you're with a trap. you're a fag.

I think most of the specialized board are pretty boring if you're not coming from the right angle. To have Veeky Forums be interesting the last couple of months, you need to speed all your time staring at charts of crypto

we need flags on biz
the board is flooded with pump and dump scams

I lost interest in Veeky Forums after about 5 months. Maybe we will have some glory days when most shitcoins die and we get another bullrun.

i have to make use of filters here.

i use CSS to lower the opacity on all the threads that get remade to death, based on filters.

with another filter i bring to the top the threads i'm interested in.

the regular threads with black text are generally unique.
it helps when you scroll through this mess heap and to me it's worth it. lots of fun to be had here.

whats the issue

It's Saturday morning here you do the math!

Sir,no need for flag bhenchod dog

It's like any other board on Veeky Forums. 90% of it is garbage, 90% of the remainder probably doesn't interest you, and finding that last 1% of content is a chore.

i'm not sure if i'm autistic or stable and confused

this guy is onto something.

Agreed, this board gets a little bland, and all the pump and dump shit is super annoying, thats why I use this Veeky Forums crypto bitpam discord (no pump and dump, no signal, no membership stuff or any of that bullshit)

its what I use to meme around about cryptocurrency trading/coding/mining with other like minded Veeky Forums pepe posters, has about 10k members and is active all the time so its pretty cool. also got all my coins that mooned from discussions there so im happy.

can't post straight discord links thanks to the pajeets posting their pnd scams so this one i found is just a redirect to the discord invite

good luck user and hope this helps, i try to pay it forward when i can

I use regular filters, but i still cant filter the fucking link threads that dont use the work link in the op. it sucks

its not even a cute girl (male).