The Retard Network

Are there holders more deluded than these pair of retards?
Atleast with other coins every tempered their expectations with the coin with the crash but REQtards became even more deluded. Just read any REQ thread, it reads like a fucking cult. These retards don't have an ounce of doubt in their projects when this piece of shit is filled with red flags.

Mainnet dump is going to kill all the confidence this project has, and this shit will dump back to ICO prices with only deluded cult tards holding.

>pair of retards
So who is the other set of retards?

The gnashing of teeth of Normans and FOMOing Veeky Forumsnessmen will be heard around the world when this revolutionary platform hits ten dollars. Can’t wait to dump all my bags on you retard when it hits 50 bucks.

You are not even trying to fud, get better Pajeet

below 2k sats soon faggot boy, can't wait to make a thread mocking you retards even more

there's nothing revolutionary about it. It's literally coded by ONE GUY meanwhile rest of the team dumps their REQ bags to party in Signapoore.

Thanks bought more retard, stay poor Danesh

shut up retard

>calling me a pajeet

REQ is Koinex's favourite coin, literal street shitter coin Apu.

you are poor and you will always be poor

keep streetshitting, Panjeev

>holding a shitcoin that's losing value everyday

AND IM POOR? HAHAHAHHAHAHA, you're going to be homeless soon REQ cultist.

4$ EOM

>filled with red flags
>proceeds to not list a single one

Weak FUD, check em.

>inb4 some req retard says how he bought ICO prices

Yeah, always the same story. Hard to believe you pajeets after you were telling that .50 cent req when BTC was 10k was a discount few weeks ago.

>coded by one guy
>code is spaghetti garbage
>team has no experience creating products that people actually use
>built on fucking Ethereum
>Coinbase already implementing all the dapps REQ is promising

I can’t wait until you commit suicide.

I can’t wait until I commit suicide

I'm doing fine, are you projecting your future actions on to me? Are you OK? You're losing money everyday on this bag of air project.

Why do fuders hate req? Tired of the shills?

I'm sick of people pushing this shitecoin onto newfags and making them lose money. Go on the archive and look at the threads when REQ was 50 cents even when BTC was at 10k telling people to buy REQ. These people are not geniuine, they are trying to dump their bags. NOBODY cares about REQ except for scammers and bagholders, just look at the volume.

i don't need the money from REQ to make it, i already have. your livelihood seems so tied to crypto that you troll people holding a crypto you don't approve of. i hope you make it and find happiness

Just speaking like a pure scammer, nobody believes you buddy.

I'm doing fine. I just don't want people losing money on SHITCOINS so I'm raising awareness in a sea of shills.

Checked and kekd let him be smited by the prophecy

Can someone actually rate their code on GitHub? I guess no.

Kindly kys, wether you're doing this on purpose or just FUDing for le memes xD or to "make weak hands to sell". You're pathetic in any way. Sage and hide

The meme magic on only POSITIVE COMMENTS in this thread is unreal.

REQ cultist can't handle the truth. Time will tell who's right.

Why are there so many piss and shit colored id's in this thread? Could it mean something?

hey man - if that's your motive then i give you props. it's good karma for life to be trying to help strangers out. im not being sarcastic either. it's hard to discern what is genuine on this site. for me, i didn't discover REQ through Veeky Forums, I found it through a respected trader I trust, checked out the website/team/whitepaper, checked out the subreddit and some of the non garbage REQ threads on here. from where i stand, REQ stands out compared to a lot of cryptos, including some that are way way higher in marketcap (NEO, WTC, Nano). but i can think critically about all this. im not selling my postion, but am curious what cryptos do you think are not shitcoins?

i do want to clarify with the NEO, WTC, Nano comment. I hold small amount of NEO, but the failure that happened recently was concerning. The fake partnerships/contest fuckup from WTC are concerning. The nano "hack" and the way the devs took responsibility for their coin being on that concern (they didnt, and i read the chat logs), was concerning. I haven't seen anything similar to this with REQ. The "worst" I've seen is some people with development experience calling out suboptimal code. I've done enough development in the past to know that things can always be done neater/cleaner, but at the end of the day, if the shit works that is what is most important. People seem to be trying REALLY hard to take down REQ.


I always laugh when people shit talk code. Been in the computer science side of the business world forever now and not once have I ever heard someone talk great about anyone's code. You always get some vague response on why it's not great even though it runs fine.

There is such a thing as bad code, but apparently there has never been any good code ever in the entire existence of the universe if the nerds are to be believed.

nice FUD rajesh
buy REQ now and you might be able to escape that mud hut by the end of the year

and these are your red flags? keep buying bitcoin you fool.

REQ always gets the digits it is the chosen coib