Let's say I have the private key of an address with 4-digit number of BTC in it...

Let's say I have the private key of an address with 4-digit number of BTC in it, alongside donating a lot to Veeky Forums what should I do to avoid getting caught but use the funds?

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Also, who is going to catch you? If it's a random, then whose to say he hasn't been stealing your BTC? You have the keys...it's your fucking wallet.

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ZenCash gg ez if this was helpful let me know

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monero or zcash derivatives. To be safe, I'd make like 15-30 different btc wallets and spread your deposits out across different exchanges. DO NOT deposit everything in one huge batch that can be frozen by one exchange when you're doing the btc-->monero transaction. after you consolidate into monero you can exchange back to btc and fiat as you need.

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You can always just change your IP and post your own address in this thread. That way you can give yourself a tip along with the rest of us and have a good cover story about how some stranger just gave you a bunch of BTC.

Split the funds in 4-5 different wallets. Make accounts in 2-3 exchanges. Start withdrawing 1-2 btc per week for each. Use the money to open bank accounts in Europe/tax free havens. Use European BTC ATM like in Amsterdam and local European exchanges to your new safe bank offshore accounts.


Donate to a charity for elephants! You might be able to use xmr.to but not sure

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Along with everyone else, I'll reccomnend privacy coins.
Bitcoin ATMs will work as well, but I believe every withdrawal over 1000 USD requires ID.

A forceful push away from Veeky Forums would not be a bad thing

in switzerland, there are bitcoin ATMs of Värdex Ag you find in every city and you can transact up to 2000 without docs i believe

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Look OP, the mob is going to light up your ass if they find out.

Therefore: get 7 proxies to hide behind, launder the BTC through XMR and DeepOnion and afterwards sell it.


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Transfer it to Exodus wallet and convert it to monero

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Crypto, everyone.

Use shapeshift to change it to monero, send it to a 2nd monero address, from the second monero address send it to shapeshift to turn it back into bitcoin and send it to an exchange.

Use Tor from a public wifi in a different city on a throw away laptop.
Send some launderd btc here if you're feeling generous:

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The absolute state

>get on TOR
>make account on exchange
>sell off for various other coins
>slowly cash out other coins
>new coins have no connection
>cash out new coins for non meme money


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Guys, don't post your addresses, I won't donate anything right now before I figure this whole shit out. But don't worry I will if this situation gets sorted out, be sure!

This sounds good, thanks! Doesn't shapeshift have some limits though ?

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shapeshift it all to monero, use changelly and shapeshift at the same time and do it in small tran sactions very quickly, no one will notice, then just deposit xrm in binance/poloniex/bittrex and exchange it all back to btc gg easy

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I hope you get it fixed


Donate to biz

It does have limits. There is no way to cash out 4000 BTC all at once without arousing suspicion from the IRS, in the eyes of the law you are basically money laundering.
Be careful and take it piece by piece, whatever route you take.

Sure. Donate to Veeky Forums



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Delete your accounts.

You gotta be simpler. I assume you're in the U.S. So what you do is set up another Email account and a cold wallet through TOR, if you're really real you'll go somewhere with a different IP address. send yourself a phishing email. Where the guy needs you to transfer a quantity of BTC to another address for some stupid spam reason and let you keep 5% of it. Then go home and reply to it, as if you were an idiot. Then send yourself all that sweet sweet BTC. THen transfer 95% of it to your cold wallet. The police can't take more than 5% from you since you're just a patsy and they'll never suspect that you actually have the other 95%.
TL;DR, Make it seem like you're the victim of a phishing scam. keep most of the stolen BTC in a cold wallet and sit on it for about 6 months.

Ether Addy. 0x5F0070e3689315436B6035eBf97bed5B43CE1f9d

Also if you want help setting it up send .002 to my address as a signal meet me in /B and we can arrange things

That's retarded. That's a really elaborate way to actually get yourself implicated in the whole theft when you could just wash it with XMR in the first place.

Probably make use of privacy coins like Monero


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>send yourself dirty money and hide it under your bed
>also tell the police about it

Do you really think that the law won't notice when he suddenly comes up with the other 95% and tries to withdraw it on an exchange for USD? All BTC transactions are publicly viewable ya dingus.

Also, do not take it piece by piece. Take alla dat shit. You're likely only going to have one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. If, for some reason you couldn't send me ether here's btc.

After a few months he can move it around all sorts of ways. Because they won't be eyeing it closely. The route from under his bed to fiat is long and snek like. But doable.

if you're serious about helping Veeky Forums you're a good man, user. 1C5Fsaw5yaTnKY11vgjq5fWatdApHJw5f9

Idk you might just be better off taking it out in small increments over a long period of time, otherwise uncle Sam might come for your asshole


And when he tries to exchange it for USD all at once like you are suggesting, the IRS will be on his doorstep within a day.
You cannot just appear one day with 10 million USD and expect to fly under the radar.
OP needs to take it slow in order to not be red flagged.

if you feel generous

Easiest would be to spend chunks on ICOs for ERC20 coins that take BTC, let them send the coins to however many ether wallet addresses he's willing to make and continue from there.You do a little chain hopping and nobody is going to chase you.

move funds to a wallet you control, slowly exchange for monero via any exchange that does not require your identity, cash out using localmonero or exchange xmr to btc using a different exchange and cash out "legit" through a fiat portal.

Kind sir, I never suggested that he exchange any of it for USD. But that he move 95% of it to a secure storage location, pocket the 5% and if the police came knocking play honest and kinda stupid about the 5. Getting the 95% into his hands legally is a years long process. But worth it.

Happy to help man.
There are limits but you need to do this in multiple transactions of varying sizes anyway if you want to keep from arousing suspicion.

There's no way you can get it all out covertly, but I'm sure you can get enough to set yourself up before anyone notices. The real challenge will be converting it to fiat, but who knows maybe the zealots are right and everyone will be using crypto in a few years.

Or, fuck it. Pocket the 5%, go get a lawyer who will secure you an offshore account. send all the fucking money to the offshore account. Operate it through the lawyer. Buy some bullshit business through a shell corporation and send yourself paychecks every month. You'll burn maybe 500-1000 BTC in admin fees and taxes but the money is all yours afterwards.

I assumed that simply because OP wants to use the funds. If that's not in USD or other fiat, then the funds are pretty much useless outside of buying deep web stuff or one off items.
If he's really trying to launder it for USD, he's gotta go slowly and carefully.

If he's good, he can completely wash that amount money in 5 years.

Prove you have the btc by paying 3 BTC for these quads

But of course kind sir. If he wants to use it immediately he's going to find himself being used immediately by all the crips in cellblock B. Slow and steady wins the race.


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What you should do is shapeshift a lot to private coins as well as move money to many many decentralized exchanges and get more privacy coins. Don't do a centralized exchange because they usually have your information and they are willing to give it up if higher level ppl get involved.

So shapeshift will have it's limits because if you're changing too much tokens you will end up causing too big of a price difference. It's prob better to change a lot on decentralized exchanges to privacy coins that are untrackable. So exchanges like BCO

I know you said no addresses but if you like the advice please share

I'm reporting this thread and your IP to the bitcoin police.

Yeah do some chain hopping with privacy coins and take it out slow and steady.



It pays the cost to be the boss - Good work my man

>neglects the permanent records exchanges keep that will link the coins

Get yourself a few Bankdrops and cash it out at the ATM

OP, anything is appreciated!

take the bitcoin, put it on an exchange. convert to xzc. use their minting process to mint new coins
convert back to btc. voila you have new btc with no relation to the ones you stole.

if you go through with the plan. any tips appreciated. BTC address: 35xDNS7ZLr1jv1E7ftAp32nrHQxmoXw9vZ


Thank you


Thank you OP

privacy coins use em

Create a ETH game
>Launder money to address


Or create a scam ICO and pump shit in

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OP don't listen to the pajeets
don't use shapeshift Lmao, they work with the feds.
Set up multiple cold wallets on a new computer/ip
New email. Sign up for binance.
move 2 btc to binance, trade for xmr and move to new xmr wallets.
Rinse and repeat. Move between xmr wallets to wash.
If you genuinely can't figure this out don't do it.

email [email protected]

i help out guys with bigger windfalls than this

This. Hide origin through privacy coin, to clean BTC. Don't use the same pathway, go through XMR, PIVX, KMD. The end result is untraceable BTC spread across a LOT of wallets. Keep paper records only so you can burn them when you sre done.

Use some BTC to buy fake ID, then set up a company. In the UK, you can do this with minimal effort. You need a physical address, and one ID item to open a business bank account. This can ALL be done over the internet. Santander were lax on checks. You will need to rent a cheap place for a few months, be sure to pay in cash and keep your phone off whenever you go there. After a week or so, bank account in fake name opened, papers in the mail, apply for internet banking, again wait a week or so for the snail mail to gib login. Now the fun starts- you have a burner bank account. Coinbase your clean BTC through this fake account to convert to fiat, then launder AGAIN (sorry, but best to be thorough) through buying gold Krugerrand over the internet with your fiat. A krugerrand is untracable, which is why you buy these instead of bullion bars. Walk away and let your company burn, with your coins jinglin in your pocket.


That's a sha256 of a password, if this is useful when you're done post a thank you thread, if I see it I'll give you the password, you verify and I'll give you my wallet address. Not posting now because I don't want a ban.

Help a poor day out
Just transfer 1 a day to binance

Diversify and hide trail. Many good suggestions are posted, monero, various wallets, exchanges and then convert to monero or altoins... etc

put it in monero, cheers m8

if it's really a 4 digit number, just sell it OTC and pay the taxes. one mistake and the IRS will throw your ass in jail

BTC Blenders - then move the BTC to Gold (Via JMBullion) ship the Gold to a PO Box you set up in an alias name, move the Gold over Craigslist (Make sure you don't buy / sell over 10k at a time) this will wash the money and make it untraceable back to you.