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kek literally nothing sweeter than btcp shill faggots getting JUST’d

those shill threads sure dried up quickly. we all said it would be 50 dollars on release, and continue dumping.

This shit is worse than super bitcoin, bitcoin gold, and bitcoin diamond. Sorry you got left holding the bag after making Rhett Creighton and his buddies rich.

I initially bought this but then realised it was a scam and sold while ZCL was still near $200, sux for u faggots that got rekt.

There's a way out, you know?

>we all said it would be 50 dollars on release
it was over 800

how many were actually sold that high?

>brainlets not accumulating for the inevitable 1k pump

BTG's only promise is that it's GPU mineable. BTCP is also GPU mineable, and unlike any other BTC fork, its PRIVATE.


XMR has 4.5 Billion market cap at the moment. The other privacy coins are probably around 6.5, together.

BTC marketcap at 1.5 Billion and BTCP is about to take it all.

Together with BCH and LTC that's over 50 Billion of market that BTCP is about to move in on, and that number will start growing exponentially when the bull market starts.

Better buy this dip, brainlets.

>BTC marketcap at 1.5 B
meant to type BTG.


And now we're down to making wild accusations. Capitulation is soon

At this point these threads must be ironic right? No one is THAT stupid, right? R-right guys?

>"Bitcoin" "Private"
>Has nothing to do with Bitcoin in an official capacity
>Has shitty optional privacy that nobody even uses as Zcash has shown historically
>Has scammy origins

Only one brainlet here.

>told you guys to sell at 0.06 BTC
>told you guys to sell at 0.02 BTC, it'd never reach this price again
>"nice try schlomo"
>"you're not getting my cheap coins"
Now you'll baghold this for eternity.

Didnt need anyone to tell me.

Got to the point where it was far to much of a gamble

Lol even if it stays unlisted for a year, get as much as you can.

This coin will be priceless to those under government economic systems which respond to the global economic collapse by hammering down on crypto.

Rumors of this are pretty strong user. Might not be true, but might be. If you were Roger Ver and you thought BCH was the real bitcoin, would you protect it? Ver is the Don Quixote of crypto.

>Has nothing to do with Bitcoin in an official capacity
Other than the fact that every BTC holder not an an exchange got the fork, you're right I guess.
>17 million BTC in circulation.
>instant market
>17 million shills
>already promoted on Mainstream television and every major crypto news site, shilled for and against all over Veeky Forums and plebbit, doesn't even trade yet

There will be a nice dip when Bittrex gives out the fork. It doesn't need your help user, it will happen period.

Take advantage, Veeky Forums.

pretty sure the organizers all sold before the fork anyways. Now they are looking to blame anything they can to avoid getting prosecuted for a pump and dump.

Where is it even trading?

>instant market
More like instant free coins to dump.

Where's that BTCP shill with the annoying, badly shopped anime pics, fudding XMR? Monero is now back in the top 10 and overtook Dash.
Suck it.


They're waiting to buy the dip user.

Tradesatoshi, which is a tiny exchange.

So basically, it doesn't even trade yet. Can you feel the hype building?

More like instant free gains if you buy the dip.


>any other BTC fork

BTCP isn’t a Bitcoin fork.

Everyone who held BITCOIN off the exchange gets the fork, brainlet.

And they're all going to shill it.

is this shitcoin not even listed on CMC? ROFL

Kinda this. I'll pick up a speculative bag at some point this year. Probably when I can buy the same amount I would've got if I hadn't sold ZCL prefork, at a price where I won't miss the BTC, after the hype dies and depression hits

ROGER VER PAID $100 million dollars to not list it on every single exchange and not on CMC or livecoinwatch.

This is what BTCP bagholders actually believe.

GUYS if the $1 shitcoin we changed the name to BITCOIN isn't worth $1000 then there is no hope for crypto.

Hoping this gets one pump like BCHs climb to 0.5 - my finest moment managing to unload my airdrop at 0.501btc

Not short term though. Once it's forgotten by most it'll start.

You're fuckin deluded, noone gives a flying fuck about shitcoin private.

I'm making fun of them. they got pumped and dumped by their developers and are blaming outside forces for their failure.


>being this desperate to buy the dip
Relax Theymos.

trade it on nanex way better than tradesatoshit

Did bittrex distribute the btcp already?

Roger paid all the big exchanges to reject BTCP apps, rip bagholders.

>not even trading yet
>we got it for free

>big exchanges will never list it
Thats just going to drive traffic to the smaller exchanges that do list it and make them a lot of money.

Lmao it’s a fucking airdrop to Segwit bitcoin adresses you fucking nigger. It’s literally a ZCL fork which is a fork of ZCASH.

which is a fork of bitcoin? i think

That's right, segwit bitcoin aka BTC.

Lol, I see that all of these fudsters are actually accumulating at low price because we all know that one day this will take over shitty bcash.

>p-please sirs buy my shitcoin
nah, enjoy going broke.

been hearing that for months

No one who didn't buy ZCL will ever buy this stupid coin.

>we got it for free
So how's that ZCL doing

Bought it for 80, sold for 100, bought more for 80, sold it for 80

same, held zcl for 1 hour... made a hundred bucks or lost a hundred bucks, i dgaf. wisened up right quick senpai

that part is not speculation user