Masternodes, need your thoughts

>Only 37% of circulating supplies are locked in nodes
>Anymore than $250MM in THOR demand for 1st year seems unrealistic
>Businesses won't buy enough THOR during 1st year to sustain current VET price of $3.50
>The other 63% no-noders will unstake and market dump to chase other moon missions
>VET will bleed until the Foundation buys the bottom because only they know exactly where it is
>X series noders will recover slowly over long term but possibly at a great opportunity cost

Sunny did retweet "Vechain is 4.88$ damn buying Opp" though.
Will someone more knowledgeable than me please B me TFO? I don't want to be right.

To be the devil's advocate, x-tier nodes opportunity cost is offset by the fact that if you decrease your staking amount by 1 VET under the needed amount for your staking tier, your x-node status will be lost forever (how I understand it, anyways). Moreover, x-tier nodes THOR bonuses do not expire but regular nodes' bonuses do. For that reason I'll hold the lowest x-tier node but the few extra thousand VET I have I will probably dump if there's a pump closer to the staking deadline on March 20.

You are me. Fuck

You may be right concerning this year’s demand for Thor. The price may be higher or lower as well based on speculation on the business growing, I think if there’s still an overall upward trend in crypto then that speculation could maintain or increase the price, but you never know.

However, it’s also possible that VET will be used for things other than generating Thor, and this could cause a price increase too. VeChain has talked a little bit about opening some sort of fiat-VET marketplace based on China where goods or assets could be purchased with VET (or RMB). If there are additional uses for VET like this, the price could certainly still go up. It can be used for DApps too, ICOs on VeChain’s platform. I think VeChain still wants to position VET as fairly multi-use token like Ethereum or NEO, so the price could certainly go up for that reason too, if they deliver.

Should I keep my 11k strength (normal x tier) node or sell half and have the 6k node?

"Hi, we see you product is luxury item. We off a deal to you. We track you luxury good with our crypto. You need Thor coins you buy Thor we track product. You have question contact this. Buy Thor. We track. Thank you."

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Up to you and your beliefs, but as I said in there are over 2 months between lockup of x-nodes on the 20th and the mainnet release. And that's assuming no delays - in crypto, 2 months is a very long time. I'd rather lock up my x-node and have my extra funds sit in btc. Do you really see VET pumping in between that time, bearing in mind that the confirmation of a BMW partnership only caused it to dump?

Think I've seen this pasta before but still decent nonetheless. My concern is retail THOR demand will be miniscule compared to commercial.

>You need Thor coins you buy Thor we track product.
0 effort FUD

I have divided my cryptos in two stacks: one for speculation and one for long-term projects like ZRX, VEN, OMG. I do not expect the second group to be instantly profitable, I hope they will in 2 years or more.

If you've a trader mindset then selling 5k on mainnet pump isn't stupid, but I'm no prophet.

Meant to type Mar 20 not mainnet

Ahah no pasta, I typed that out. I guess what I’m trying to say is, VET’s price should be based on all of this and the varying degrees of their success or interest:
- Client/Business VeThor demand
- Exchange VeThor speculation
- VeChain DApps(VeVID, VeVOT, VeSCC, DNV GL’s My Story, etc)
- VeChain ICOs
- VeChain fiat/asset/goods exchange

>The list is an absolute good. The list is life.
But seriously thanks user, I see potential and hope.

thats a reasonable idea. I do think though, that as March 20th comes closer, the price will steadily increase. There will probably be a significant bullrun right before main net as well. Realistically though the major thing controlling VETs price is Bitcoin.

>as March 20th comes closer, the price will steadily increase.
Not sustainable imo

>significant bullrun right before main net
Again not sustainable

>major thing controlling VETs price is Bitcoin.
Should be THOR demand after mainnet.
One of the appeals of VET is decoupling away from BTC/speculation into real world useage.

Blockchain Amway

Buy Walton

Coefficient of variation of ROI/node over all nodes is 0.28, quite low

to be honest senpai idgaf about what makes the price go up I just want it to go up.

It’s your life, just don’t quant yourself into bankruptcy on a laduzi coin.

So do I but if you haven't noticed that may not happen for awhile (or even).
If you're a moonboy then unironically sell and buy LINK instead.

My point is you're arguing with no substance AKA FUD.
I'm all ears.

I think you're well aware of all the red flags out there. But there's nothing I can say that will persuade you either way. Good luck.

>I think you're well aware of all the red flags out there.
Name an alt that has less red flags.

>But there's nothing I can say that will persuade you either way.
You haven't said anything, and I'm ready to sell anytime.


Unless we have rampant speculation, this is a long term hold. The value of VET is a function of speculation and demand for THOR. The vechain foundation will adjust THOR generation rates to keep the price of THOR stable (a good thing, this project would fail if THOR became so expensive as to make the network unusuable) and thus THOR is not a coin you should speculate on or accumulate.

The only non-speculative way that the value of VET will increase is if the vechain foundation increases THOR generation rates, but this will only happen in response to increased demand for THOR (which is dependent on partner interest). Of those partners that are currently taking interest, for the first few years you're only going to see them running pilot programs.

In short, the demand for THOR is likely going to be insigificant for the first few years and all of these people locking up their VET in higher node tiers will only see insignificant passive income generated. In fact I suspect a lot of them will realize they're better off just playing the usual speculative games with their VET on exchanges. Not to mention all of these higher node tier benefits are time limited to just a few years--probably just enough time for the project to mature. The THOR generated in that period will be inconsequential. The real gains will only come when the vechain foundation dramatically increases THOR generation rates in response to demand. This is all assuming this chinese startup succeeds in the first place.

I hold VET and think it's one of the best projects in crypto right now. But until the network actual sees significant use, don't expect any non-speculative price appreciation. We don't even know what the price appreciation of a successful crypto utility token looks like because there has never been one.

Long term hold and I already feel sorry for Sunny knowing how badly the crypto moon kids are going to trash him when they don't get their lambo in June.

Are you locking an xnode or dumping I got 20k was going to dump 10 and keep the thunger next pump but might keep the 16k with xnode out.... tough decision it would put me in long term 2 year holder position I feel if I were to do that and tie a lot of capital up

There will definitely be a pump before March 20, I plan to make up my mind then.

Locking 6k then dumping the rest on Mar 20 and mainnet because fuck the p&d pajeets, then slowly accumulate again.

This. Don't marry a coin.

>I have divided my cryptos in two stacks: one for speculation and one for long-term projects like ZRX, VEN, OMG.

Looks like you have one stack of highly speculative crypto investments to me.

>Don't marry a coin.

Says the guy clearly married to VeChain.

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Again user I'm all ears. Thanks in advance for any advice.

The thing about VeChain, is because of their business model, they will directly show the value of blockchain. Instead of only hype and speculation (which is what the current state of crypto is), the price of the token will be based on both investor money, but largely the value of the service it can provide. This can be applied to pretty much all other coins as well. Since crypto is a resource that you will need to pay to use, but also something you can invest in, its price will be dependent on supply/demand and investors/traders.

I really like VeChain's business aspect of things and the technology I'm sure will be up to par. So, as far as price goes, it really depends on if the project succeeds first and foremost, but it also largely depends on what the actual value of crypto will really be. I think we may all be underwhelmed, but I'm a brainlet, so I could be 100% wrong. VeChain price 3-5 years from now: $3 - $1000. I really have no fucking clue, but I think its going to be pushing one end of the extreme.

>Sunny did retweet "Vechain is 4.88$ damn buying Opp" though.
Am I reading too much into this? I'd like to think he knows his own coin's worth.

>this is a long term hold
Two years minimum

Do not underestimate how much rich Chinese people fucking love wine

Good call I haven't had the time till now to read into the new new but ya seems like I can lock 6k and upgrade later and still hold x status accumulate after the dump session and chase something else.