No ripplers on suicide watch!!!

The Governor of the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) has said it is open to digital currencies that don’t disrupt the financial system.

He also said that it would accept cryptocurrencies that ‘bring efficiency, low cost and safety’ to consumers as long as they ‘don’t directly conflict with the current financial stability and financial order,

btw, Ripple Labs has many business ties on China and months ago it hosted a Chinese delegation of academics, central bank officials and relevant industry officials at its headquarters in Silicon Valley.

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>As Long As They Don’t Disrupt Traditional Finance


Reminder: regulations remain the #1 threat to crypto, and Ripple Labs got that covered.

>powerful and well connected board of directors
>sits on a federal reserve task force
>sits on US Fintech Advisory Board

We moonin bois

and by that he means abolish.

Ripple will disrupt, but in a good way.

Ripple has 0 chance of being sued officially or supported by China or its banks. it's absolutely moronic or just uninformed to think China will adopt it.

they will make their own similar version, as they do with everything. If you honestly believe ripple wil be used in China you don't understand the country very well. The Visa WorldPay vs China Union Pay is a basic example for you.

If it was Chinese in origin, it might have stood a chance.

This. I'm sorry to shit in your cereal op but China will just carbon copy it and say they made it.

What will they use then? Neo?

This. I'm all-in on XRP, but the Chinese delegation was probably just visiting Ripple Labs to steal as many good ideas as possible. When will white people learn?

retard, it's pointless to create your own network when the goal is to network with everyone.

China won't create its own Ripple for the same reason it didn't create its own internet.

Chinese payment provider LianLian International is joining RippleNet, the payment network that uses Ripple's blockchain technology to facilitate cross-border transactions.

and many will follow.

>The Visa WorldPay vs China Union Pay is a basic example for you.

because Visa can block anyone, with Ripple, each node chooses a list of validators. China will definitely have a decent share of validators in the future.

btw, the validators role is to simply agree on an order for the new transactions, they can't double spend.

A Chinese firm will literally copy it and they'll use that. Copyright and intellectual property mean literally nothing in China. Another prime example is, and I can't remember the Chinese auto makers name, but they basically copied bolt for bolt the BMW X5 suv. BMW took them to court in China and the Chinese judge said he saw no similarities. And it was an almost perfect 1:1 copy with a shittier motor.

Ripple is open source, why aren't banks copying it?

the answer is: NETWORK EFFECT

you want everyone to be on the same network so you can transact with them.

not saying they will use ripple, they probably never will but I wonder they will use to transform their citizens to nodes and for what purpose.

Well buddy for your sake I hope you're right, but I'll be fucking surprised as hell

Go to bed, Shekelstein.


The Japan Bank Consortium will release a groundbreaking smartphone application called “MoneyTap”— powered by Ripple’s blockchain technology — to allow customers of the bank consortium to settle transactions instantly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

banks that don't join Ripple will have high costs and lose customers

They kinda did create their own internet user

in other words, ripple will never rise in price.

great for users, bad for speculators - which is what we all are.

what does the price of ripple coin to do with that?
crypto is a bubble. screencap this.

higher price = higher volume = lower volatility = higher liquidity = more revenue for Ripple Labs

XRP is the only native digital asset on Ripple. It will rise in value. Just the fact that it won't disappear like most coins in few years makes it valuable.

you have to be a special kind of moron to think China would ever adopt Ripple
What they're going to do is create their own.

see , retard

>please buy by ripplecoin bags so I can buy the bitcoin dip

lol you can keep your shitty slow and expensive coin



looking forward to their pink wojaks

>china using a US based coin

are you delusional or just retarded?

it's internet based, retard.

Why would we want to do transactions with fractions of some random currency that we have to convert our dollars to and is volatile? Why not fork the source code and make a token tethered to USD?

>and make a token tethered to USD?

-counerparty risk
-laws that exclude some countries
-politics (countries like Russia and China and shifting away from USD

XRP is a native asset on the ledger, and they only need to hold it for a short time.


what are you testing?