25x eth multiplier on crytpo futures smart contract

Veeky Forums can now bet on the daily futures crypto futures market on pyrmex.com. The future win value is determined by the amount of eth in ethphoenix.io at settlement UTC + 5 everyday. Ethphoenix encourages users to buy and sell after betting has closed to try to move the final price toward there futures bet. Any that buys EPX gets a double win, as you will receive dividends as people fomo/dump to manipulate market in there favor. It's a self sustaining eth eco system and it's the new hotness.

Some mutlpilers have gotten over 100x. If youre smart, bet on all pools and win every night! Pot is pre seed with < .1 eth everytime by the "house."
Current pot is at 1.4 eth

This Saturday there will be a pot with an inital seed of 1 eth to celebrate! Super seed Saturday is coming. Are you ready?

Dude the multipliers are HOT tonight. Damn!

Yeee boi, 14x!!

I'll just leave this here.




>This Saturday there will be a pot with an inital seed of 1 eth

wait what?

I’ve been telling ppl all week, finally right this time

Yeah Dude, 1eth seed tomorrow! It’s “super Saturday” I guess

so the house isn't taking the money and running? that's actually really cool.. Bet I'm playing tomorrow

Pot @ 1.5! Let's gooooo

Shit's heating up !!

What do you guys think is happening tonight?

Whale wars. People know it legit know, hundreds of people have now bet on the pots over the past couple nights

Yeah, it's crazy folks are leaving money on the table with 10x multipliers all over the board -- but that's cuz they're expecting a huge buy tonight

This post is bullshit. I have won 4 times and never got more than a 3x hit....oh wait that's awesome, nvm

We shall see!

It’s a total fallout man, it’ll be infinity bull again, i guarantee it

2 hours and 15 minutes left to bet! Pots are looking pretty even so far

Wew pretty quiet in here tonight...

Anyone post their winnings?

Thanks fags

On phone. What's pot at now?

Made .48eth of a .06 bet. Feels good man, came to share my love for pyrmex

See you on super saturday. Whales are gona play

1.5 eth

Dang.... .48 off of .06...

1.625 ETH in the pot

minibears are going to win

boggening begins in 15 minutes

betting closed at 1.8 eth
time for the hour of the bong

>1.8 pot
>"cool new dapp everyone should check out" loses on volume to a fucking 2 day timer
>2 day timer of a ponzi that managed to JUST people 3 times in a row
>a ponzi epycucks been fudding since day one with stupidest shit ever
epy cucks undeniably unquestionably eternally btfo you literally can't recover from this
just remember we hold the memes you hold norse's bags

YFW this pot is more upwards volume than 3D has gotten in 1 whole week

Absolutely pathetic attempt

look, EPX just got more volume in one TX than 3D in a week too! xDD

>reflink baseless fud

did it feel good tho?

>their deposists were so rare without pyrmex they had to write a bot to remind them when to withdraw

so are you blind, or just dumb?

for those who can actually count - thats nearly 40 ETH of upwards movement

then there's... your thing

absolutely BTFOd in 2 simple pictures

(devs HATE him)

MFW I'm going to dump these in every 3D thread ever made until the end of time

wow powh angry today after getting them a new asshole torn on thier thread today.

>pic related
stealing eth from under normies nose. SHAME even criag grant wont touch your shit.
Stealing their div forever?

>more movement than their whole pyramid had in a month
>bwaaaah sale is bad look at this upwards movement we had, disregard its 4 times less and pays 2 times less divs than 3d
absolute state of epy fud

none of that even makes sense, cuck

>2 times less divs

rofl, the sheer state. if you weren't so helplessly invested you would realize how absolutely retarded and desperate you sound

stay poor

>even thier shitty bear is hodling bags of tears
can you fucking imagine that

are you drunk?

>41 replies

>9 posters

imagine being so desperate you fud a futures market for crypto. you scared bro?

>200 people in 3D discord
>0 buys all week

i didn't understand a single thing on this thread

fuck off back to your discord faggots

i could say the same to you...why are you so upset user?

3D cunts are fucking cunts. burn in hell

I'll bite your face cunt

YFW our threads don't get banned and yours do because we paid off the mods


>i'm counterfudding both pyramids swapping sides daily because i have nothing else to do but watch boggs manipulate markets

wut, who? bogs r A+ dood

I told everybody I was gonna make bank ... then i did...

Dude, also, check out PyrMex, 1Eth seed today baby!!

Yup it's super seed saturday!

It’s UP!!!

It’s UP!!

Fuck off troll

You just seemed really excited ;)

It's UP!!

It's UP!!

Fuck all of you

Don’t be so butthurt dude, it’s a compliment

PyrMex is simply a brilliant project! At this early stage it's easy to win too. Four (4!) days in a row I've collected off it. All user's should be playing. Or maybe waiting sullenly in the other project is more exciting for some pajeets.

>Veeky Forums is full of brapposters
>that pic
are you shilling or fuding i can't quite grasp it

I think he’s shilling. I think

It's UP!!

Is there really a difference?

You’re of the view that all PR is good PR I take it?

Honestly, haven’t seen a lot of folks who dislike PyrMex

What's to dislike?

They aren’t even talking to each other, they’re just shouting how much they all won.

Obvious shill raid

Well that second poster did call if... fyi... not gonna say who that was... but it we me Motherfuckers! I’m rich bitch!

Just woke up to an 11x win. You seem a little salty. Did you lose last night?

>he didn't short the pyramid scheme he is FUDing
stay mad you're not getting futures code from our dev

But I did short it and I won. What?


I'm on all 6 pots baby