Median IQ of monero holder: 160

Median IQ of monero holder: 160
Median IQ of litecoin holder: 145
Median IQ of ethereum holder: 130
Median IQ of bitcoin holder: 110
Median IQ of deepbrain chain holder: 85

deep brain GANG

I hold mostly TRX and my IQ is 190

>tfw buying more monero while rolling on dmt you bought with monero
absolutely fucking comfy

please, youre embarrassing monero holders

OP’s IQ 2 standard deviations below average.



Monero and Ripple shills are the most intelligent people on this board.

Median IQ of ripple holder

I heard REQ holders have an average of 210 IQ and 8 inch cocks.

Lol - look at all morans who invested in Ripple.

What about an XMR miner?

Sage monero threads.

Don't reply to monero shills.

Dude when your shill looks like charlie kelly's pepe silvia chart you gotta take a step back

Median IQ of chainlink holder: 1000 EOY



OK I admit that one is a little disorganized. But look at all these brainlets on Ripple's board.


none of them have any interest in their public network through. ripples play from the very beginning has been selling private networks in at attempt to subvert networks like swift.
the public xrp token is just a money printing machine for them, given that they own 70%+ of the supply.

>doing anything on DMT
yea good luck

average iq of bitcoin cash holder: 180
You will learn with time.


This is a chainlink thread now

>they own 70%+ of the supply.
Why do no-ripplers feel the need to insert subtle lies in their FUD? Are the facts not on your side?

Median IQ of BTCP holder?


Median IQ of XRP holder: 1000000000000000

You missed one:

>Median IQ of link holder: sub 60

ripple is not suppose to be more that 10 bucks you faggots

The supply is huge.