ITT: 10x moon mission for this month

ITT: 10x moon mission for this month.
Dubs = Hint
I'll reveal when someone rolls trips
Hint 1: 6m marketcap

riddit dit didoo

go back to /b/ and fucking stay there LARPER

I like larps

One of these I guess
Anyways, just a heads up, I've been browsing this shit for a while and all these threads are a waste of time, shit that gets shilled this way NEVER moons

Not larping stumbled across it and just finished accumulating. Price is only 5% higher then my average price paid.

I shall keep rollin instead of researching





still hopeful






Hint me Daddy

Hint 2: Not on cmc yet

Re roll

bruh where can we look for it

gonna just keep rollin while i watch tv


so close damn

10x? I like the sound of that!

op means bayan network but since he probably did even bother to read that whitepaper or researched this "ceo" and just bought into this shitcoin because of that retarded medium post, which basically took one rumor over another as facts i wish good luck with his bags



Yupp its banyan (BBN) on bibox. You can believe this misspelled FUD from this pajeet who's not done accumulating or you can research it.
>6m market cap
>Not shilled on biz
>125m coins in circulation 30% more unlocked in 3 months.
>HPB is an angel investor
This is the ground floor, I suggest you research kelvin long and HPB as well.

It's $0.04 right now. Even CPC isn't worth much.

Where can I find total token supply currently and maximum over all time?