Holy fuck. Just two more weeks until the most exciting underdog story of our lifetime

Holy fuck. Just two more weeks until the most exciting underdog story of our lifetime.

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Goxfag has $160m worth of this shit

Enjoy hahahaa

That isn't even much, the thing you should worry about is 160k btc.

What happens?

Didn't bitpay just adopt BCH?

Yes and bitmain only accepts cash


They use to only accept BCH but they now accept USD too.

Tell me what happens in two weeks!




A figure will come down from the heavens and proclaim bch the one true crypto that holds the right to the throne. Trump, putin, duerte, all will bow down to their new king and the price rockets up 2000%

Interesting. BCH is due for a pump. Could be a big announcement made, what do you think it is?


divide+conquer coin

stinky chink cheap rip off coin, with no users and hoards of late adopters thinking its going to become the next bitcoin.

lol no

dont talk about litecoin that way. he did nothing to u

both litecoin and bcash are just cheap second rate clones, nobody is truly interested in them other than quick pump and dump trades.

chinkcoins trying to co-opt the bitcoin name is great for those ethereum holders though.


>thread theme music

holy shit. if you've ever said any of these things you should seriously consider suicide.

bcash goes to zero, ETH tahes the crown.

Bitcoin.org and bitcointalk owner wants to switch to proof of stake. ETH will too.
Miners dump BTC, switch to BCH, become #1 mining coin and leave BTC unusable.

BCH will pump again regardless.