Can someone shill me this coin please?

can someone shill me this coin please?

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>privacy tech
>GPU mineability
Guaranteed .1-.2 satoshis when the dust settles.

>Guaranteed .1-.2 satoshis when the dust settles.

wait till it hits coinmarketcap

then watch it rise over the next few months.

just wait. be patient. then wait for the bull run.

EOY hodl!

not even on cmc, I'm pretty sure this is just a scam coin. its trading for fucking 50 dollars on some dead exchange no one uses lol

So it has the same thing every other privacy coin has? **YAWN**


.1 satoshi ? so you're saying it will have to be traded as a DOGE pair ?

or are you a brainlet that meant 10 million satoshi

You know what I mean nigger

its better than bitcoin gold

I read speculation about a security fault earlier today that allows coins to be stolen, but now I can't find any mention. I don't know if this means it was a false alarm or if the tweet has been removed pending a patch

you mean name

is this shit going to $300 any time soon?..

>a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.
anybodys guess

It is a ZCL fork with a Bitcoin airdrop. Aka scam trash.

patched already

normal , the beauty of open source software

Not looking to good when this gets out if true

very private coin sir

pls buy

>ate] [Auto]

>is this shit going to $300 any time soon?..

sure why not. it briefly traded up to $800 on kucoin, lol. I'm sure this will be over $1k during the next bull run

yeah you mean 0.1BTC you turbo brainlet

dude its already patched read my above reply and go look at the github you pajeet fudder

kek, already patched, fix deployed, majority of hashrate on new consensus rules already, and they are giving free BTCP bounty to the guys who reported it. solid.