Why is Pink Wojak such a potent meme?

>be me today
>about to post in a thread
>realize that my Pink Wojak folder now has more images inside it than my Pepe folder

cant get enough of these guys!

It's so good

Normies have co-opted pepe and the bogs. Pink wojacks is still untainted.

Probably. I would say that Wojak is pretty untainted overall, normies just can't seem to relate enough to want to use it.

>Pink wojacks is still untainted
>Pink wojacks is
>Pink wojacks


What is a pink wojak? I like pink angry man :)

Pepe was successfully reclaimed, might be the only documented case of a meme being reclaimed.

Biz has the best memes that have ever existed. I literally cried laughing at B O G G E D

every time i look at it i hear AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

pink wojak genuinely makes me wildly uncomfortable senpai

You would have hated to have been browsing Veeky Forums last night then.

Pepe sucked. Never funny. Pink Wojak cracks me up every time.

Pink engages all three rgb crystals and always appears more vibrant than other screen colors.

when did the normies ever get sadfrog?

nu-jack is shit IT SHOULD BE BANNED

pink wojack is a coordinated psyop. just like the "you can't cashout" memes that were literally every other thread for weeks here a few months ago

>everything that I don't like is a psy-op
There is nothing psy-op about pink posting. It's just a means of expressing oneself, and can also be used to make fun of people who decided to bet their lives on obvious shitcoins.

All can relate to Pink Wojak

All effective memes are psy-ops that emerge spontaneously from the hive mind. It's science.

There was this one rare pink wojak I came across where it was a regular wojak painting himself pink and saying "I dont even know why I wash it off anymore" or something like that

been looking for it since, anyone got it?

lel I saw a pink Wojack on the reddit ICX page today

have you ever tried to cash out my man? you literally can't

This desu.

when will brapposting feature pink wojak

It's more funny on Veeky Forums than any other site because of the story behind it, I dunno how else it can branch out other than changing the colour to mean something else.


The most untainted meme still goes to JUST. I haven't seen a single use of the JUST outside of Veeky Forums, ever.

Pepe was dead then got revived during the /pol/ election and is now a top tier meme again

Pepe. Was doing the rounds on Facebook with the "feels good man" caption, for a year or so until it becomes a "neo-nazi" symbol.

best meme comung through



>cash out
But you can’t

>posting from iPad

>get fake I'D
>sell on localwhatever
>request a money gram transfer
>pick up money from any moneygram you want

It's how Nigerians do it so why can't you

Who goes first in this case? Easy way to get scammed.

lol everyone laugh at this newfag

Good question. I imagine that once you gained enough trust on your account it's a non issue
Not sure if this would work in 1st world countries either. Just an idea I had to cash out while avoiding goy taxes

Fuck pink wajok

when the ADL calimed it was raycissss

Wojack and Pepe have evolved and adopted, I wish I could have invested real money in them. They are versatile and even their forks continue to do as well as their originals.

They are creations actual real life people do and will study in the future.


>just like the "you can't cashout" memes that were literally every other thread for weeks here a few months ago

oh god why did you remind me.
I think it was all one autist with a Veeky Forums pass desu

Only stinky linkies were worse, that one day relatively recently when it was pumping and they spammed the _whole_ fucking board.
Does someone have a shot of a catalog? I didn't think to make one