Top 5 longterm hodls: for those who want to retire in 3 years

Qash, AMB, JNT, CPChain, Ethereum

QASH - Worldbook out in April. Just go on the website and look at the fucking team. Over 300+ workers.... This ain't no bullshit 5 man startup bullshit with a 50M valuation

AMB - supply chain has an actual reason for use of blockchain. Has fat fucking partnerships. Normies will love this coin. CEO talks like Justin Sun. (not always healthy but good for normies)

JNT - If one asset wants to be tokenized..... because no one wants to see and lets say they need 10M to tokenize it... the price will fucking shoot up. Just imagine someone having to get a hold of 10M JNT... there isn't even enough people selling... they will have to slowly market buy and push the price up. Could be any day now.

Ethereum - No comment. Baby boomers don't want bitcoin... when they start doing research they will all end up picking what they think is a "cheaper coin" like ethereum (aka their friends tell them to buy it and their kids to them to buy ether as a safe pick over bitcoin)

CPChain - DYOR

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If I own 3/5 coins on this list will I make it?

>no LINK
Literally not going to make it.

Link could be a good project but ...

170M valuation ... with like 5 employees

Good idea/concept and will add to my portfolio is I see more progress made or the market cap dips low enough

>posts a monopoly board of powh3d memes
>doesn't mention Powh3D

Nigga is literally designed to give you passive ethereum income returns for as long as the eth network lives.

All developer fees are instead divided to everyone who owns tokens; and you can promote the coin and instantly get eth for people who use your referrals.

100K CPC owner reporting in. I like how most these coins have a small market cap so more chance of a 100x moon. Will consider buying JNT if it dips further. Why not get rid of Ethereum and buy NEO?

Decentralized lolis? Thanks just bought 100k

>Normies will love this coin. CEO talks like Justin Sun. (not always healthy but good for normies)

This is sound logic.

Gonna buy some more CPChain as well.

bumping your own thread using the same laptop?

The actual state of Veeky Forums, samefagging on a board with IDs
Thanks OP, just sold 100k



Fuck you OP


Just sold my stack too. Thank you OP


I'd take those slaves for myself desu
They're on MY lawn, they get MY dick

> buy my bags shill.

> no link, nas...kek

lol..OP assfuckked for shills. OP seems plebbit

I kbow its a meme but i am litterally selling 100k as we speak. You fucked up idiot.

>not investing into Veeky Forums meme exchange
literally 100x eoy

>CPChain - DYOR

I tried to do my own research. I couldn't understand this at all. Why would this get big? All I could understand was INTERNET OF THINGS. LOTS OF HTINGS. HUGE.

I still bought 10k but I'm wondering if now is a good time to buy more at a discount.

Would be nice to have their coin listed

haha. OP now came with other lappy

Everyone that doesn't invest in Monero will miss out

I'm holding GVT, ENG, NAS, RLC, and ETH. Will I make it?