Chainlink general


Oh yes a chainlink thread, I never see them here! Good job shining a light on this hidden gem, user :)

Let’s start with getting dubs.



This is getting ridiculous



whats next?

Every thread, link confirmed. this is madness.

1T 2020



Price predictions for Wed night? I'm optimistic, we might see .66


It's time that the non brainlets among us start to set up nodes and write POC smart contracts and API adaptets. How fucking cool would it be if we could roll out a linky run network of oracles that are responsible for feeding arbitrary derivative smart cobtracts or something? I have no experience programming but I'm looking at a couple months of unemployment soon so I'm going to hit the books hard. Is there anybody else who is thinking about this or who has started working on it?


Tried for that 777 eh lad. Don't push your luck. You don't need to. LINK is a guaranteed moon

No meming I'm going to set up a node in june/july. Mainnet not due till Q4 afaik so there's still time to fuck around

I mean besides those guys. If jonny is the only outsider working on infrastructure, we're gonna have a problem.

I've contemplated setting up a bizpool but you fags would prob doxx and publicly humiliate me

$1000 EOY

No one's going to join a shit rando pool because if your internet craps out we lose our linkies

their loss user
i really dont know why you guys even make these posts anymore
we know its going to be big
we hold our link
we are paitent and wait
we know this is a long hold
and we trade with other shitcoins
but the link stays
I have my link just sitting on my ledger
not on binance to be daytraded
We will make it user.
I believed the fud last year with ans
I still kick myself over that
Not this time

I'd obv host it in AWS. I'm a professional, not a tard.

Cant you be both?

Oh absolutely. I've worked with plenty of those!