Has anyone read pic related? Looking for some opinions on financial books. Is it any good?

Has anyone read pic related? Looking for some opinions on financial books. Is it any good?

Red pill me on your best book or other educational recommendations for finance Veeky Forums

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How to Win Friends and Influence People

I've heard that "More Money than God" is a good intro to hedge funds.
I'm kind of annoyed that all investing books have cringey names. It makes it kind of embarrassing to buy them, or put them next to my other books.

Harry Potter


This, i want to read some of the book before buying it so i go to B&N. If a qt cashier saw that I would run out the store.

I don't normally share my secret weapon in these threads but pic related is the only book you need to become immeasurably rich.


The intelligent investor is an incredible book also read security analysis and how to read financial statements. Warning though, you will never want to touch crypto again. It's about value investing and meme tokens have no inherent value by his measures.

that book is garbage and for dinosaur markers, grab something by mark douglas

this is my favorite self-help book. two other fantastic books on finances and investing are "bogleheads guide to investing" and "i will teach you to be rich" (title sounds sleezy but it's great)

Was actually going to buy this but then I thought any book on crypto will pretty much be out of date within a month because the market changes so fast. Feels like anyone writing books about crypto is just trying to jump on the gravy train and make some quick money. Is it any good?

I was really disappointed with all the useless bond info in the intelligent investor.

I literally just started reading it. It's interesting, and they acknowledge the prices may become out of date but the information won't.

I picked it up because a crypto millionaire specifically recommended it.

any big takeaways so far?

lol who cares what the cashier thinks mate?

All finance books are for brainlets

All of these are good. Some are much better than others.

Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell is required reading
also the Sohar

How true is this?

I read (skimmed) it a long time ago. Most principles wouldn't really apply to speculative investments like crypt, they'd only apply to normal companies (and even then, I don't think it really takes branding and other "intangibles" into consideration).

You don't stand to lose much to read though, just like I wouldn't lose anything to actually read the damn thing correctly.

Rich dad poor dad, Robert kiyosaki. It's changed my life. Balls deep in real estate now and I honestly think I'll be a millionaire in under 2 years. It's really basic but it lays the foundation for learning about money pretty well. I'm surprised I haven't seen it mentioned here yet. Anyone have some criticism or anything? I'd be interested to hear it.


Kiyosaki is a fraud btw.

Hey, where there's money...

How so?

This. He only made money on his shitty books and seminars

Idk why my ID changed but I'm the user shilling kiyosaki.

I just scimmed over those parts

It's a good read otherwise IMO

ed thorp bruh
read "man for all markets"

nasim taleib seems good too but more abstract

You will be a better person, no doubt

That's outdated. The sequel to it is called "The Most Intelligent Investor." Every page is blank, except the last one which says "buy chainlink."

Good for manipulation, bad for close relationships.

also as for why Id say its pretty difficult to separate the crap from the good so focusing on (successful) people rather than ideas is a better way to approach books

Fair enough, but I still value the lessons all the same. The simple way he broke down a simple financial statement and the importance of corporate tax law was huge for me since no one ever taught it to me. He may be a fraud but I'm using his lessons and actually making it so far.

Yes. It's practically the standard textbook of the industry but very few people take it to heart.

The principles it really gives is having a margin of safety to absorb uncertain events. All the stuff about companies is practice exercises.

All Carnegie is good

It's good for teaching basic people's skills if you're an empathy lacking sperg like most of Veeky Forums. Getting genuinely interested in other people is the only way I've ever made the few friends I have.

Literally every book in this thread is completely useless.

They were written to make money off suckers who can't think for themselves.

They might teach you to perfectly execute an idea but if you have shit ideas you are lost.

"How to get rich" by Felix Dennis is at least honest and has ideas on what kind of ideas are best.

The truth is if you you are a pleb you have to take huge risks and increase your income before you even think about investing in shit.

Investing is the end game, increasing your income through a business is where you start.

Much more relevant to speculating. Tons of gems in this book.

Not true, these are the ones I posted They're all good at teaching certain aspects of the subject, nearly all were written by professional traders, and they include lots of good ideas.

But to your point... the truth could be said about EVERY book. The best book in the world is useless to the man who can't read.

Thanks, it doesn't surprise me to remember it all wrong. I have some free time, I'll get to actually read it.

>Reading physical books when nearly everything is available online
People still do this...? L O L

This. Books are for the guys who made it, to profit even more.

Be the guy who writes the book, not buys it.

You got sold those books and the fact you are posting on Veeky Forums tells me you aren't doing too well.

So if they work then why aren't you rich?

The guy who sold the book probably made a good chunk of cash while you desperately shill on Veeky Forums to avoid realizing you have a slim to nothing chance of making it in options trading when you start with fuck all capital.

Posting on Veeky Forums means nothing. You'd be surprised at some of the people who post on Veeky Forums.

t. somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds

My man.

I thought you fags didn't read?


The book is a worth while read, but better to learn from people who do live trading. Alot of the people who don't make it as traders become writers.
People I learned from.
data dash youtube.com/channel/UCCatR7nWbYrkVXdxXb4cGXw
Gregory Mannarino youtube.com/channel/UCoOhzyG-i7IMBEMbyRlI66g
Adam Khoo youtube.com/channel/UCK-aOjEvZNJl3HINja0gAiQ
Lex Van Dam youtube.com/channel/UCBs3ZUXlEBRJ32L7i3qaNmg
Barry N youtube.com/channel/UCMl_8xL8v5_3fqxqWhxZDQA
Ricky Gutierrez youtube.com/channel/UCtlAFoYl2aWb6pMiHCctQHA

John J Murphy - Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets