While you waste your time and money on your imaginary shitcoins...

>while you waste your time and money on your imaginary shitcoins, most people born in 2000 (probably more like 2002-3 really) are having tons of legal sex and having the time of their lives

LMAO user. Good luck being virgin, broke, and missing out on the best things in life.

>high school
>time of your life
yeah if you're a fucking failure

>le sex meme
Enjoy your herpes from a random thot

lets be honest. High school years are some of the best years of your life if you weren't a complete autist and had a qt 3.14 gf and experienced teenage love and had nice group of friends. I was an autist too and had a pretty horrible time, but no need to be bitter.

Sto....stop it user...
>t. someone who went hard studying for med school during highschool and never really had time for gf. Not only missed out on med school, I missed out on teenage love.

>not using your power levels to become the funny racist kid

cheer bro, what's stopping you from finding a girl to have sex with?

>not realizing the only reason people laughed was so you'd spare them if you decided to columbine the place

>what's stopping you from finding a girl to have sex with?

off the top of my head

1. being ugly (4/10 at best)
2. balding
3. shit skinny fat genetics
4. no social skills

b-but user you can improve most of those things. Nah, you can't. Maybe 10 years ago. I missed the boat. Crypto was the only thing going for me and now im getting cucked there too.

Please kill yourself. You're actually the problem.

You keep projecting your insecurities into meme arrows and people think you're serious. Just leave and stop.

You're never going to be young again, that's a fact. Just live life to the fullest now. Get in shape, eat better, enroll in a class, and stop taking life so seriously. You faggots on here take life so seriously and analyze every single fucking point in life.

Guess what buddy: we all die anyway.

Even if you had or hadn't had tennage love, we all die. So fucking stop being a bitch about it and make something of your life now.

Jesus Christ this place is pathetic

no normies allowed ree

Brah it ain't all about sex when you're dead broke and living at mammy's

meh, im content by myself, been like this my whole life so im used to it.

>legal sex
>as opposed to illegal sex

what did you expect, faggot?

you're lying to keep those feelies away

Go fuck yourself normalfag

I was born in 2000 and no all I do is post on Veeky Forums, /pol/, and /r9k/

Money is better then sex

money is COPE

quality thread op

You have neither, do you?

Also, than*

This has nothing to do with business and finance.

I'm married

So I was right then

>not finance

>tfw no teenage love and going to die anyway

My female med student friends are some of the horniest, sluttiest girls I know. It's their way of dealing with stress

100% kek


This thread is only tangentially about business and finance and OP is using that as an excuse to post off topic.

It's like people on /v/ who post off topic and then add "video games" to the end of their post. I get banned for stupid shit and threads like this continue to exist. Fuck mods.

I'm 18, doing a retard year, and I don't understand how its supposed to be the best times of my life. If it gets worse than this I might just kill myself. I had no friends at all, obviously no girlfriend, no group or anything. The worst part is, I'm not ugly, and I'm 6'4", but I'm still so socially retarded/asocial that I can't even get anything with that. How do I make friends?

dude fuck off I don't need this from Veeky Forums

top zoz

How could I ever forget about my deep experiences with Cathy/Marissa/Jill/Karen/Rosalynn/Abby/Taylor/Leah? Ah yes, it was a fine night when I was drunk/high/stoned/turned/schwifty. The superficial lack of meaning of it all wasn't the inherent lesson at all. I'm certainly not accumulating wealth for the purpose of utilizing it to pursue things that I find more meaningful in the least.

only dumb kids have fun in school

You're right. Highschool was fucking fun. Had a part time job to pay for gas, and weed here and there. Last time in your life when you really have no responsibility. Shit was cash.

It gets worse, a lot worse
Specuallynif you become a wage cuck (which in reality 99% of non autistic people here are wage cucks?

Im 27, and there is no day i dont think of blwong my brains out

The only point that really matters here is point #4.

High school was the best time of my life. Watching anime and playing videogames all day without a care in the world.

Now I have to think about making money and shit and it's annoying.


Confirmed larp.

You faggot projecter.

Also, does this shoop like good or is it shit??

You would be surprised at what girls on your cross country/track team will let you do even if you are a nerd to the outside world.

The entire time I was so nervous about how awful life would be after it, knowing that easy mode in high school was still horrible I was endlessly nervous about it and justed myself pretty hard

Honestly I don't know what there is to look forward to

To be fair if i could become a millionaire until 25 but in exchange i'd have to stay a virgin, hell yeah i'd do it.

Most chads and staceys are miserable anyway

Yeah. Xc kids and track kids don't go drugs or drink.

You're such a fucking faker. Why do you come in here and make up your whole life? Are you that much of a failure that this is your only outlet? You're pathetic. Kill yourself now.

>My cc coach totally didn't smoke in the bathroom
>Half the kids on my team didn't know what that smelled like

Lol look at your meme arrows.

Also xc coaches are generally former xc top athletes. I seriously doubt yours smoked in the bathroom.

The meme arrows actually gave you away.

male med students don't have this option. especially since most of the ones I know are major autists since they spend so much time studying and can only attract girls because being a doctor is a high status profession