In the 1800s, we invested in gold and precious metals

In the 1800s, we invested in gold and precious metals.

In the 1900s, we invested in stocks.

In the 2000s, we invested in cryptocurrencies.

In the future, we're going to invest in Magic: The Gathering cards and derivatives.

>Interesting Finance:
>Finance Invite Link: U5Yh4Vj
>American Marketplace:
>European Marketplace:
>Derivative Marketplace:

Best Investments:
AAA Rated Asset Bundling (Booster Box): Innistrad, All Prerelease Kits before Oath of the Gatewatch, New Phyrexia, P3K
AA Rated Asset Bundling (Booster Box): Scars of Mirrodin, Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Urza's Saga & Legacy & Destiny
A, BBB, BB, etc: Why bother?

Best Penny Stocks:
1000 Rares: Rares - Lot of 1000 Why? Cannot go below $100 due to buylists current pricing. If you know nothing about MTG buying one of these and walking into an MTG store where you live will likely make you instant arbitrage profit.
Temporal Trespass: Why? Commander + Modern w/ JTMS
Séance: Why? Memes.
Temmet: Why? The newest set was leaked, and Legendary Creatures matter is a theme - this is a 2 mana Legendary.
Sram: Why? Same as above. Hard to lose on this guy.

Stop looking to crypto for measly 1000% returns. Come to MTG and make some real money.

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MTG is fucking dead, no one wants to buy SJW cardboard.

I still have my old legacy ANT deck lying around.

I'm thinking about selling it to buy crypto desu.

The game itself is based. WOTC is cucktarted.

Then go short? Is this really that difficult?

I still have 3 zendikar boxes and 5 return to ravnica boxes. Also kept my shock lands.

Should I open the boosters or hodl?

original zen or the shitty return set?

anyways the booster boxes are worth more sealed.

I made more money being a scumbag MTG speculator last year than I did in crytpo, its easy guys and for anyone who says its "not liquid" make a fucking ebay account its not that hard

just waiting for my limitied edition beanie bears to mass increase in value any day now! IM gonns be a millionaire!!

Yeah ok bud, do you know anything about the reserved list? if not then stfu

I invest in Yu-Gi-Oh
Made thousands of bucks over the years, even recently bitches will pay good money for Firewall Dragons (Not so much since it got limited, but hey).
But I'm sad I'll never have this thing, only 3 in the entire world and they're out of reach.

I bet not many people know, but MTGox was a magic the gathering online exchange for trading cards, not crypto when it first started out. Nice pivot.





mtgox was originally magic the gather online exchange

YuGiOh is a losing proposition overall because if you look at the average card that exceeds the price of a booster pack, it will lose value. This is an average - on average, you will lose money buying single cards. That's bad.

MTG on the other hand has tons of cards that will maintain value forever (Buy a rare a $0.10 - it will just be $0.10 forever). And there are tons of cards that will outpace inflation (Look at

I don't disagree you can make thousands of dollars, I just think you're making it harder on yourself by choosing YuGiOh instead of MTG.

How the fuck do I sell my MTG? My local card shop for some reason doesnt have a buy list.

Whelp, your LGS is retarded. They get free markups basically just for having a buylist. It's a set-your-own-margin retail device, it's insane for them not to.

But to answer the question, it depends on where you live. Do you live in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, or somewhere else?

Lower seattle, I think I need to look for other cardshops. Should I go for volume or focus on cards thats are $1+

>Seance bagholder still trying to drop his bags 3 years later

>he is not holding massive bags of crypto collectables right now
lmao poorfag

Ebay, you need stamps, envelopes, top loaders and bubble envelopes for expensive stuff you need to send via first class

The amount of effort it takes is pretty darn close to the ease of profit honestly. For example, you can buy 1000 cards for $5, sort it, sell or trade each at a value of $0.25, and you're actually at break even after 20 cards and the other 980 is profit. It's just a lot of effort.

High end things like graded power is going to be easy to buy and to sell but the margins suck. If someone is selling power because they have to pay bills they'll probably barely discount it because its so easy to sell, like a $2500 card would go for $2300 because they have to sell it now. But when it comes up you can buy it for $2300 and sell it for $2500-$2600 after listing it for not even a month.

That's pretty OK. You can get special accounts at most post offices btw that decrease shipping costs, and if you need a business you can incorporate for like $100 and an afternoon at a registry.

I... I'm not b...bagholding, user-san.

Literally, he's been shilling it once a month here thinking we've forgotten.

>he's been shilling

Hey isn't this Biz? It's not fair if I don't have skin in the game.

I'm at 18,000 copies now and want to get up to 25,000 copies in the next couple months. Since I can buy below bulk rate from a couple providers it's impossible to lose. Worst case I can sell at bulk to rando stores. Honestly it would be good if other people got in with me, more gains for all of us.

>mtg weenies trying to dump on newbs now that absolutely premium, indistinguishable chinese forgeries are flooding the market and destroying everything

Tippy top kekeroni

>non-mtg weenies making completely unsubstantiated claims with the purpose of sowing fear, uncertainty, or doubt.

Wow, evidence much?

Cope harder, dumb faggot. I already dumped my stash when I saw the writing on the wall.

Imagine holding a collectible item that can be forged with 99.9999% exact likeness including aging that appears realistic even under a microscope.

If you bought anything "old" in the last 5 years without a chain of custody certificate, there is a good chance it is a chink fake.

>forged with 99.9999% exact likeness including aging that appears realistic even under a microscope.

What is the life of a person as retarded as you like?


Oh it's a racist. As if I needed more to write you off as an autistic, retarded piece of shit with no real contributions to the conversation possible. All you had to do was provide some evidence but since you can't do that you result in throwing idiotic shit around like a low-IQ chimpanzee bordering on mental deficiency like a leftwinger. Come at me with some SJW rhetoric next you faggot I completely expect it from anyone that can survive being as dumb as you are.

you're a marxist speaking mind control words, fucking chinese people are faking cards becuase it is easy to do, no need to be upset, that is what is happening, magic cards are worthless, the game is pretty shit, fun, but only limited, building decks is retarded when you MUST buy 80 dollar cards 4 times just to have a set, then do that for 5 or 6 different cards including lands

Way to out yourself you stupid fucking slant.

magic is shit and its gonna die when valve's artifact comes out

Yugioh is bad for hodling long term because Konami loves to reprint cards, thus lowering their value. Unless you keep cards that Turn out to Be broken due to a new mechanic, like Grinder Golem.

man i loved magic the gathering when i was younger,all those countless hours searching for those "overpowered" 70cents cards to make a stupid deck which only purpose was "everybody is alive until i tap my mana" fun times

Ah yes, the "casual commander" crowd. They make up like 80% of online sales now btw. WotC basically says even though they have tons of people who exclusively buy in the $0.15 range per card their sheer quantity makes them a huge market force.

You already got btfo'd in Veeky Forums, I know you have heavy bags but you might as well put them in some ebay lot of "1000 CARDS AND A VARIETY OF RARES" for some amount of money.

>you're a marxist speaking mind control words

Don't you really see the irony of your own post

I think this pretty much hits the nail on the head. The reason that people sell 1000 rares for $10 is because it's hard to move those cards individually. Nobody wants to buy jank rares. Even if you do sell them, it's going to be a real hassle packaging and shipping them individually. After you factor in the packaging and sleeves you're barely making any money.

I think the only way to actually make decent profits is to buy staples from the latest set and hold them for several months - over a year if possible. This works best with cards that end up becoming staples in the eternal formats and modern. This method does require you to have a pretty decent understanding of the game and the meta of different formats.