Hey Veeky Forums I’m in a normie hipster bar. I’m wearing my Ethereum hoodie. How do I talk to normies?

Hey Veeky Forums I’m in a normie hipster bar. I’m wearing my Ethereum hoodie. How do I talk to normies?

don't even bother trying
you'll probably embarrass yourself

Flirt with a chick who is not in your league. Try to infiltrate her friends

lol why the fuck would you want to talk to normies? Honestly what the fuck do they have to offer? Terrorize them. Creep them out. Remind them that their little bubble isn't safe. Rattle their fucking cage a little, OP. Associating with them will get you nowhere because the little treadmills they run on won't take them anywhere.

>I’m in a normie hipster bar.
>I’m wearing my Ethereum hoodie.
>How do I talk to normies?
Just like you would talk to yourself it seems.

desu I'm not fucking with any of that until I make it in crypto
I dont have any real confidence
Fuck this gay earth

Should I have gotten a TRX shirt maybe normies would recognize it better?

Proof of Hoodie

Don’t worry I’m 70% LINK

see that tallboy pbr in front of you user? drink the entire thing. then order another and drink it all very quickly. then order a third and drink it all very quickly.
at that exact point you'll be able to talk to the other normies with ease and you will genuinely have a good time.

continue drinking one pbr tallboy every 20 minutes or so to maintain the effect. drink a bunch of water at the end of the night to avoid a hangover

I am about to go out to the bars with my friends. Anons help

At the bar drinking blue ribbon from a can. What in the actual fuck is going on?

You already said you were a hipster.

order the hate free pride sand OP

They all have cans too user. Should I ask for a glass?

you must have never been to a hipster bar if you think that is unusual

never saw that in my life whats wrong with you americans

fuck no. drink from the fucking can. jesus fucking christ you neets are something

this guy bars

ahahahahahah these hipster faggots are drinking out of cans that rats have pissed and shit on

If anyone spots your hoodie, that person will not get you laid.

Ask cute girls to sit on your face

The whole point of going to the bar is to drink pints on tap with the boys

Ok I finished the first one at your advice user I just ordered another

I’ll drink whatever biz tells me I don’t know how to do this

>be yank
>go to bar
>drink from the fucking can
Oh i am laffin

order a Jameson and ginger ale neet

Irish car bomb.

Order a pint of whatever they have on tap and a shot of jameson you puss. Post pic when done

order a pint of lager

Fuck off vitalik, stop spreading fud and gtfo from my board



Veeky Forums gonna your NEET ass drunk.

They’re all smoking in here. I don’t know if my asthma can handle this

do exactly what i say and don't deviate, you'll be fine. kill 2 more tallboys in about 20 minutes. then just sip on one tallboy every 20 mins for the rest of the night.

don't go any faster than that. you don't want to look like you're pounding beers if you're there by yourself. after your 3rd beer strike up a friendly convo with the bartender. also have your phone out so you can be on it if necessary and not look lonely/sketchy. just look like you're totally content to chill on your phone and drink beer

are you in missouri?

Is there a pool table? Is it a pay table?

If people are playing, ask if you can play the winner, if yes put whatever denomination the table takes on the table above the coin slot. If no, punch the biggest person playing in the face.

Most of us don't do that I swear

fuck that no phone hardmode stare at everyone right in the fucking eyes. People will dig his confidence

drinking fucking pbr FROM A GLASS will get you laughed out of the bar where i come from. it's a shit-tier beer.

>acting like a psychopath
user please allow the actual chads to advise this kid

There is user but there’s about 5 IDs lines up on it. There’s a small Asian woman racking the balls right now

we gonna turn this neet here into a chad tonight

man in my country only homeless guys drink beer from a fucking can

NEVER NEVER In my life have i seen someone drink a beer from a can in a bar

fucking hell u guys are degenerate

meh depends on your inner life desu senpai it will determine the vibe you give off

A girl is getting thrown out of the bar she isn’t fighting some black guy

Ask her to rack your balls

you gotta understand that there are so many good microbreweries in burgerland that people get annoyed when you waste a nice frosted glass on pisswater like pbr. it's the beer equivalent of making your mcdonald's server put your big mac on a plate and eating it with a fork and knife.

get the normies to invest in shitcoins, i'm bleeding here

If this is a hole in the wall, most of the people playing likely know each other, put your ID up and spark up a conversation.

the guy is unironically on Veeky Forums looking for pointers while he's at the bar alone. i don't think going no-phone is a good idea at all

I've been to bars that only serve cans

go fight the black guy user, you'll get laid

never forget



wow nice Zendikar hoodie

op are you in austin

>i'll have a pbr, canned please. Heres $5 and $3 tip

I finished another beer anons. I’m going to order a pint of “lager” at that anons suggestion

>wearing Ethereum hoodie
>calling others normies


They’re $2.50

This is my lager Veeky Forums It’s my 3rd beer since thread started so I keep drinking faster? I don’t feel anything

PBR is a lager, no one cares what you're drinking except for the people here.

As long as you tip I guarantee they don't give 2 shits what you put in the fucking glass.

Hey Veeky Forums there’s a PlayStation here should I just go play that and invite people to join me!l?

>playing video games whilst drinking canned beer at the bar is a thing in the US of A
but yh op buy that hate free pride sandwich

are you solo? I might do this

I’m alone user

Pretend you are not from here and ask a girl what a good club is. If you are attractive she will invite you along

just stay on Veeky Forums and talk to us in your thread, fuck them

Here’s the menu can you find me Veeky Forums?

>wears ethereum hoodie
>thinks he is not a normie

Lose the hoodie unless you want to get robbed at gunpoint for your link, it's called 'crypto'currency for a reason; shut the fuck up about it.

literal larps

I don’t live in 3rd world

12 steps down italian market philly?

If you were in California I'd join you but Philly is too far.

Just order a whiskey and coke whenever you go out alone. It gets you fucked up faster than some beer.

831 Christian St.
Philadelphia PA, 19147

Doesn't matter, you're retarded if you think people won't try and rob you if they know how much you have.

I lived directly across the street until 4 months ago hah

That's because your country is a dirty pisshole that doesn't have thousands of craft beers to use glassware on. Enjoy your poverty beer

The salad gave it away.

have you ever gone to this hipster dive
user? I’m scared my stomach is feeling weird

I only went a few times but never knew anyone there well enough to go more often, went to an Irish bar on 2nd St mostly. 12 steps downs is pretty gross anyway, one of the only bars in the city you can still smoke in.

I'm surprised they even serve food there in that smokeden basement desu. Up the street there is a place called Bar One that is pretty good.

also philly and 40% link. went home for spring break but maybe next time.

I live across the street from bar one. I can see it as rite aid out my window now.

Order an old fashioned or whisky sour user. It will either make you look slightly classy or an insufferable cunt

Everything about this sounds awful. I'll never understand the thrill of going to a bar.

Should I track down this user in 12 steps?

yes, impromptu biz meetup


yamero. thats not da wei

He said he has some LINK in on the move

Do it user.

Mac and Cheese because autist.

I could get your current address from this info but don't feel like bothering. Stop being dumb on 4chin