Are you ready for the biggest bull run in crypto history?

Are you ready for the biggest bull run in crypto history?


Zoom out

That's the fuckin spirit!

On what? Daddy Bitcoin?


And? We're going well beyond that, my friend. You can sit on the sidelines. Have it your way

Keep buying those dips lmao

I will. And we'll be the ones laughing, while you cry.

they creep me out for some reason

After 4k

You must be gay

gimme sauce on that

anyone not buying XRP right now is going to be so justed in a few months when its $5 minimum

Hi Marius

is it the eyes?

My gf on the left

eyes and teeth i think
left one looks cute but there is still something unsettling

Hi, crypto friend

Fuck yes.

post more than you faggot

Hold onto your butts!

This is a business board

Samantha Taylor right?

I don't know who that is

I want to fuck the left one bad. Nothing better than a bitch you can throw around with one arm.

sauce on girl on left?

yes pls lets go

Is that bitch short or is that bitch tall?

Yes, left is Samantha Taylor. Always glad for more photos.

they have invisible tits

what,,,short girl has huge tits and a cute face, perfect for sucking on while you cuddle.


marry/breed 2.

breed 1 and only keep female offspring to turn into sex slaves for more healthy young milkers, and for breeding cows for my breed 2 cohort males.

we riding the 200 dma now. anything under that is a buying opportunity

What are you talking about? I don't see any boobs on her

it's a camouflage joke

>when you see it