Used to have 1000 BTC

Kill me, just mother fucking kill me.

>bought bitconnect because someone convinced me whales would pump
>bought 1mil tron at .20c
>bought 100 LTC at 300
>link at 1.00
>spent an entire year day trading and never made more than 1btc in profits
>once lost 20btc on bitmex because I forgot to set a stop

So how many btc you have left?
That can't be your whole profolio right?

i would say you got a gamble problem to be honest if u buy bitconnect after exit scam

Well.. you still have more money than the average American, so there is that.


I also lost another 4000 on MtGox and exgf once threw out a paper wallet with 100 BTC

Yeah, this. You need to cure yourself. Cash out now and put it all into an index fund. With the latest jobs report, North Korea peace talks on the table, and the neutered steel/aluminum tariffs, the stock market will be quite healthy for the next few months and you'll keep gaining without having to check your portfolio every 10 minutes.

Yes as in that is your whole profolio or yes that is not your whole profolio.
Did you join the reddit thing where you can claim your loss from mtgox? in usd, not in bitcoin so 4000 btc at ~450 each is still good money

>exgf once threw out a paper wallet with 100 BTC
What the fuck

Bluud you dont do something serious you gonna lose it all....forget the risk man play safe

damn man I just lost .6 btc with a 50k folio. this is very humbling

where are you on the cryptos discovery path?


You're good if you went in at ICO but... did you buy close to ATH? Given your history with other coins it seems likely

are you a nigger?

I did, but I was doing a lot of acid at the time and I decided to give my settlement to my redneck family, who were all very poor and unhealthy at the time. They are ok now but have squandered 75%

I also put a bunch of money into SatoshiDice shares. I had to buy on a romanian stock exchange that cost 20 BTC just to join. Divs were nice though

It makes me sick talking about this. For the past month or two I was in denial but I'm going to meet with a financial advisor soon and basically surrender it all to him, with 50k to leave on bitmex for when im feeling impulsive

>bought bitconnect

man im so sorry for your loss...

what the absolute fuck

i dont even know if the lesson you could
learn from that is more valuable than the BTC

Uh, biz. Wow, so making this thread really fucked me up at first, but talking about all this motivated me to finally go through an old corrupted drive with my brother. We found 100 BTC in an old wallet. I'm not even fucking joking. I'm crying right now. I had long ago written this wallet off as a loss because the drive had died and I thought they were lost in Gox to begin with, so I never checked.

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. Dudes this is big.

I have put 5btc on bitmex and gave another 75 to my brother, who is a compsci guy with many guns and probably the only person I could trust. He always defended BTC to my family in the early days and stopped me from killing myself after Gox

I also sold off the fucking Bitconnect. Overall lost 10k on that one, which isnt a lot but I just feel very foolish for believing whales would ever want to pump it

Thanks for the kind words, Veeky Forums, my hands are shaking and it feels like a dream right now. I wont ever sell these, or anything that isnt a bag again. I can do it right this time

It's like reading a heroin addict story -> "thanks guys i found my hidden stash, now ill go have some fun"

You just found a million dollars after you thought you'd gambled it all away, and the first thing you do is put it back into a crypto exchange? Thanks for confirming this is a larp.

If you did the slightest bit of due diligence on Bitconnect you would have seen it was an obvious scam. Just take the money and run, you got greedy, crypto investing is not for you.

Jesus guys, just trade stocks or something.

Biggest larper or the average crypto investor who will stay poor forever because he doesn't know how to handle money

Biggest larps, sage

I put 5% on Bitmex, the rest will either be handled or kept to spend


>Buys 10k BCC

Unreal. Who the fuck convinced you of that?

I used to be a winner, now everyone treats me like a baby that found a diamond ring in a sandbox

Thats about to change though

Getting drunk for the first time in a year Veeky Forums and I've just opened a short

My dude, why do you have .51 of a NEO?

user we both know you will gamble it all on leverage trying to get back to 1000 btc
just convert it to eth and send to me, i will hodl for a year and then give you back half of it

Holy shit you joined MPOEX?

Also, please stop gambling, just hold BTC/ETH/LINK and relax

Earth to you down

You're all degenerates and I love it

Please keep going

1000 BTC down to 30 BTC?
what the actual fuck is wrong with you?

user you sound like you need a win.

Buy some EQL. Thank me later.

OP is lying, stop believing this bullshit.

Nothing in the OP happened, you didn't find 100 BTC, you are a fucking liar and I hate you. Go back to your creative writing subreddit and fuck off of Veeky Forums.

>35 btc in january
>13 btc left now

fugg it hurts

I'd probably help you out in making profit again if I had a way to contact you in person OP.
Sad times.

Nice larp

Sir those are a lot of shitcoins, please refrain.

>exgf once threw out a paper wallet with 100 BTC
Don't trust no bitches with your wallets or give them any knowledge about your crypto

BTC didn't use to be worth much. I played around with it when it was cents then gave up when it broke $3 because that was just nonsense. A lot of people who got in early have have a lot, and 100 BTC didn't use to be that much.

Sorry for sporadic responses giys, I threw up a bit earlier and my hands are still shaking. My brother just came back with dominos and we've been goofing around with ppyrmex. I am utterly fucking shocked that I found the wallet, I know none of you believe but oh well. I think I had expected the drive to be broken or wiped so I've literally put it off for like 5 years. Making this thread made me feel so fucked putting all this squandered wealth into words

For those who care, I got imto bitcoin in 2010 after a teacher of mine told me about it. He was into mining very early and also got Goxed, but had enough cash from early trading to go all in on a mining rig. He now owns about 5k BTC and I am one of the few people he talks to, period. Just a couple months ago he flew me out to his ranch to help him retrieve his bitcoin cash. Anyways, I basically got tricked into becoming a "day trader," my gf and parents thought I got into btc as a measured risk, not a gamble. They thought I was smart

Yes, I'm surprised you've heard of it haha

You too bud

Will check out, thanks

On bitmex?

This, like I said I was basically terrified of there not being anything on the drive so I put it off


Stfu with your larp. As an addict who has done loads of drugs, you are a weak gambler. I make trades..but most turn out well. Even if it is just a little profit. How you can be so autistic with your ability to control impulse is beyond me

You retarded? NK peace talks aren't going anywhere for one, but mainly the stock market could easily continue to slide. The fact that trump might not start a trade war isn't something that is going to pump it back up

Buy FUN it literally cant go any lower

shit larp

show the blockchain transfer you just did to an exchange then i might believe you

fucked in a head retard, if he had told her, she probably would not have thrown it away
fucking manlet retard

What app is this?

did you not read the part about it being his ex-gf, probably some psycho bitch who will use his BTC as leverage against him

You're an idiot, and take this coming from someone who started with 1BTC seven months ago and has x250 on this.

There's only one thing that is worth spending money on (in your case): a therapy to cure your addiction and fix the underlying issues.

Stop gambling. Just fucking stop. Keep 80% of your BTC stash, cash out 10% and put another 10% into "next-gen" infrastructure projects like Tezos, EOS, DFinity etc.

But just STOP gambling, you fucking idiot.