Is this a meme or will I make it with a 100k of these in a year or two?

Is this a meme or will I make it with a 100k of these in a year or two?

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if the project succeeds and gets all the partnerships and backing of assets, sure. Who knows if that will happen though, still early. I got a small stack myself

Lots of missed deadlines, not looking too good. Accumulate more under ico price and what for the next bull run

This was a scam grom day one , pretty obvious newfag sorry , don’t trust this piece of shit , chainlink , or the turtlecoin piece of shit

It's a moon mission, user. Have faith in the nation of the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

nobody knows

If there's no announcement by Monday, it's probably not gonna go well. They posted in the telegram that the announcement should come by Monday at the latest.

We know they ARE partnered with SEED, we know SEED is tokenizing some assets, but if it's under about $50 million that's not a good sign.

I have 275k right now. I am only making a big fat loss right now and nothing else.

Statistically...long term hodls are a meme in crypto, this is nothing else than a big gamble.

Anyway good luck to you and me

Pretty much this. We will know more Monday at the latest or it will fucking tank.

$50M will probably send it 4X though because they won't hold the entire supply just a percentage and it's honestly more than I would think they would be tokenzing.

They have mentioned central banks piloting it so hopefully we will find out more.

Shit, I was just about to buy some more. Should I wait until Monday?

Given the market unless they start tokenizing I imagine it will just go sideways if there is news. With no news it's going to tank so I would say wait until Monday if your stack is already decent. It's a bear market so don't expect some sort of 4X from market forces outside of tokenizing.

They did say the amount tokenized was "multiples and multiples" of what they were expecting. Leads me to expect a pretty big number.

>The Jibrel Network provides traditional financial assets, such as currencies, bonds, commodities and securities, as standard ERC-20 tokens on the ethereum blockchain.

Can they do this without Chainlink?


For sure.

Under 50M is a fucking bullish sign. That's way more than it will be

Around 50M*

I was thinking about 10 to 15 Million myself.

That would make more sense which is still a lot of money for a fucking pilot program

Central banks are piloting so I assume a mill or two from each of them.

insider here - announcement won't be monday. also i guess technically this is true, zero is a multiple of zero

it will all be fine eventually but things are delayed. banks dont move fast. just hold through the dip

nice meme

For some reason I don't believe you. I can't put my finger on it though.

Talalalal confirmed on telegram that it will be sunday/monday pretty much.

Talal confirmed on telegram that i will be mid to end of feb pretty much

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me

Sadly punctuality is still a concept for arabs

I wonder what excuse he will give this time. We are reaching Todd Howard levels of he can't keep getting away with it.

no need to worry imo. jibrel is on seeds website as a partner

So you would be comfy if the SEED group gives Jibrel Network 5M USD for liquidity / tokenization?

You know basically nothing.

He can use the same excuse.

>Media outlets got their own schedule.

Not exactly, they said they had access to multiples and multiples because of the SEED groups backing, that doesnt mean its going to be announced now.

Here's a competitor that will be holding ICO soon:

You saw JNT's performance so guess what another shitcoin will do.