Unironically just bought 10k because seemingly smart anons bought it

Unironically just bought 10k because seemingly smart anons bought it.
Only thing I know about this coin is how to register my wallet on its website.
Will I make it? Yes
Will I know why I've made it? No


Is there a software wallet? How do I acquire this shit?

>How do I acquire this shit?
you cant possibly be this much of a fucking newfag?

I think Im just being difficult. I do have a Bittrex account thats verified but I have a 4 TB harddrive and im trying to turn it into a wallet of all my shit with full ledgers and am trying to keep exchanges at an arms length away. Im juggling a shitton of coins on this drive so if any show a sign of extra effort than usual I move onto the next. As such, the question still stands. Faggot.

I envy you user, got like 140 only

My bad forgot to include $ in the $10k.
I'm a poorfag, move along, nothing to see here.

Camen Islands vaporware. Enjoy holding those bags.

I'll sell if you can prove that you're smart

Dont worry user, someone will post the copy pasta for EOS shilling. Its actually not too bad. But dont expect a crazy moon. Just steady gains throughout the year.

10K EOS boys unite. We will be Gods.

I wrote it. Fact Check it. EOS will win.

Why would you buy an ERC20 token?
Especially a smart contract focused one...

So far the only thing ICO's have done is billion dollar scams and the only thing DAPPs has done is crypto games about kittens that steal your money.

> what’s steemit (the killer dapp)

> who built its blockchain

Eos is a solid project and probably the safest long term hold after bitcoin. The only way we won't make it is of Dan larimir is killed before mainnet is launched.

>mainnet launch in 3 months
>EOS holders will be airdropped tokens developed on their platform
>not DYOR on all the various aspects of EOS

My fellow EOS > ETH brethren we will be proven right with our gains 1 day

Paedo coin. Have fun with the new den entertainment

This is actually true. No matter how much sense ERC20 tokens make, they literally haven't made any money so far.

They could in the future, but they're not a safe bet.

The erc20 tokens will be converted to native eos tokens when the main net is launched. It's a temporary placeholder.

Scam coin

There is still 3 more months until possible mainnet launch.
Still highly overrated after the last alt boom.
There will be a huge FUD around it's launch, people speculate it won't, or eos tokens won't mean shit etc etc.

EOS is an interesting project but theres just no utility to the token.

>Still highly overrated after the last alt boom.
That's an understatement.

The token acts as bandwidth for your apps. That's why transactions are feeless. The fee is footed by the host. Tokens are also used to vote for block producers.

Read that devs will struggle for bandwidth & that wont encourage them to build on the system.

Why would they struggle for bandwidth any more than a website struggles to pay for servers?

Eh this card has just been used too many times. The whole "x" is coming out in "y". Buy now! Ill buy when I see Something tangible, Im done with all hype for vaporware. Not to diss EOS it's probably a legit project.

this...but i bought some before i found out Brock Pierce was a kiddy rapist. i'll have to dump these bags when it launches

well EOS is dedicating $1 billion to dapp development so you're kind of saying people won't work on it even though they won't be using their own money? nah...not likely

>dump coins just as they gain actual value and just before mass adoption.
Pic related.

What does he even have to do with the project other than the fact that he invested his money in it?

gz user

yhou mean this one?

1. Will be faster than ETH will ever be (millions of tx/s)
2. Weiss ratings: EOS is *only* crypto to tie, and later SURPASS ETH.
3. $1B capital injection program for EOS projects.
5. No transaction fees.
6. Not vaporware. The testnet for devs has been out for months. Mainnet launches in June.
7. Can host Facebook on EOS.
8. EOS has partnered with big VC firms who will pick winning projects to fund.
9. Google co-founder Eric Schmidt has partnered with EOS through his VC firm TomorrowVentures. He provided a quote for an EOS press release.
11. Most VC funded EOS projects won’t do ICOs, they will airdrop to EOS token holders. Think of owning EOS as owning NASDAQ and receiving free stock in everything listed on it.
12. EOS tokens are real estate on the EOS blockchain. They give you access to EOS network bandwidth for dapps. You can rent your EOS out to devs for passive $, in addition to $ from EOS VC project token drops.
13. Real estate is better than fuel. You don’t burn it, you hold it for incredible gains.
14. Mike Novogratz (CEO of Galaxy Digital, former Goldman Sachs partner) & early investor in ETH, announced $325 million EOS fund. He sees potential in EOS over ETH.
15. Richard Jung, former CEO of Bithumb, joined Block.one to lead the Korean community.
16. EOS is the biggest thing in crypto since Bitcoin, and will probably flip Bitcoin and Ethereum.
17. Elite developers are excited about EOS. Much more so than any other platform. This includes Ethereum, Cardano, IOTA, Hashgraph, etc. EOS will crush all of them.
18. $100 - $1000 by 2018/2019