Our Army is growing bigger thanks to Veeky Forums! We are getting great results in terms of shilling and word of mouth. The volume on Etherdelta has been incredible, it started from nothing and in the next days we will make it even better!

> What is NintendoCoin?
It's Veeky Forums new coin, made by Veeky Forumstards, airdropped occasionally to Veeky Forumstard so that all of us can be part of this. We want to prove that blockchain technology can keep us free from any form of tyranny and censorship, including the motherfucking IP.We are against everybody.

> What's NintendoCoin benefits?
Like most of the Crypto, all the holders will benefit from the coming speculation and FOMO from normies and brainlets. We are also aiming to "force" Nintendo to buy back all those coins, since there is no way they can remove from the exchanges. Target price will be 2$ per NintendoCoin.

> Where to get NintendoCoin?
The Airdrop on biz and Etherdelta has been closed, but keep posting your address and some member of the army might airdrop some additional coins. It can be purchased for cents on Etherdelta at this link:

> Next Steps
- We are working to get it listed on Yobit (paid listing) and HitBTC (this is harder, might not happen).
- We inquired 3 Chinese exchanges for paid listing and so far the process is going: COINBENE, EXX and BIBOX. Thanks to one golden user in China for this, it’s supposed to get listed by end of month.

> Why it’s not a SCAM?
We are totally transparent with Veeky Forums. It’s not Scam, just a pure speculation and we want Veeky Forums be part of this. Any inquiry, partnership proposal and additional ideas are welcome so feel free to write here or to contact us [email protected].

> I already own some NintendoCoin, how can I help?
Spam, shill, and confuse normie audience. We benefit of both, positive and negative exposure, so let’s be sure to share the word as hard as you can in any discord/telegram/forum/reddit.

Other urls found in this thread:

Daily airdrop starting soon. Post your address and how can you contribute to the cause, and you will get some free NTD.


Wow this looks great!
I will join the shilling and see where we go



I will be open and honest to anons about this beautiful little scheme. By occasionally explaining the ingenious steps that are to be taken toward victory, I will be the good cop to the fake FUDers bad cop. All of this will be done with complete sentences and coherent English.


Thank you!

Sent. Welcome to the family guys! Our target is reddit, twitter, telegrams and discords.

Shilling on biz is useless. Whoever wants to join the project, can just buy now for cheap on Etherdelta.

Copy that!

Thanks OP


Ah nice, posting the OC I made last thread that I never got anything for. Thanks m8.

Everyone else:

You will not recieve any coins, so don't help em out by making OC. Unless anyone posts actual proof that they got coins for simply posting their adress.

Gving you the benefit of doubt:

Mine are in my wallet, OP is legit.

>My words are my proof

Gib pls



Sent. If somebody didn't receive in the previous threads was because I've already left. Welcome to the family btw.

I'm a salesman in real life so I can shill a turn a make you buy it.

I have a direct line to the BOGS so I can beg for mercy for this coin if things heat up.


Looks great. Lets make this a new meme.

My wallet is ready.


yay free stuff

>All I got in this world is my balls and my word and I don't break either of 'em for nobody!

Well shit, turns out I was wrong. OP isn't a faggot after all. Shill away niggers. Here's one with a transparent background for easier OC.

>still shilling the scam coin

Here's some more shilling materials



i will shill for you

I’m keen on some free coins pls



Sent. Welcome to the family!


I hate to say I told you so, but here I am, doing it! We're gonna be so fucking rich!

thanks now i can buy a popcorn


Can I in?

if it's possible to get in 0xA5e94E5BF681C747288d427f8244fCc6b617184d


Thanks OP - will shill the pants off this.


Reminder: only 3 million supply. That's one seventh of Bitcoin's, so the real value of this coin should be $70k-$140k each :^)

Thanks in advance OP
Will shill on Reddit if needed


Based OP. Crypto is saved once more



Hi kind sirs please send some Nintendo coins my way!


looking good! will probably not be able to cause a miracle, but I'll shill on any platform and forum I usually lurk on.

What about newbies on facebook?

Coin me

If you have effective ways to shill on Facebook it would be very useful for sure.

Gonna airdrop few more coins in a while

Pls sirs

Sent. Welcome to the family guys. If everyone does his part, it's not impossible to make it raise up to 2$.


Thanks much! Let's shill!

time for the shilling

Gibe pls i repot u


Hope Im not too late OP I will shill to the moon sir.

You still there op?

preparing to shill dis

>all the holders will benefit from the coming speculation and FOMO from normies and brainlets
>Why it’s not a SCAM?

Words can't describe how much I hate you all.

I was trying to get my Nintendo coin last night but I just missed out, if I get some I'll shill this on my gaming forum and on any online game I play. I am a full Nintendo fag, have super Nintendo, 64, game cube and wii, just don't have a wii u and switch as I am not the huge gamer as I once was, but I am a old school gamer with a lot of credit ability on some gaming forums. Also have also been an anonymous fag online so all my old accounts can't be doxed to me if I shill this shit


thank you kind sir


I'll shill the shit out of it.

Hook me up I'll shill anytime



Would like to shill this in the irl crypto group I'm in, as well as the telegrams and reddit.