COSS is exit scamming

Rune exit scamming right now.

911 is a double agent, creating safe FUD to hide the real scam. Exit ASAP.

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>FUD about FUD
>Gypsy spotted


Look at their wallets

Which ones? I hold about 60k coss I am a little bit worried.

FUCK I left this on a cold wallet, what is this ERC20 ERC223 shit

do a constructive thing user. kys

>its over

Very cute that you are mentioning me

Sold all my COSS at $0.8, could have sold at $3 but fuck it

The actual state of COSS though

>tfw in Slack
>tfw it’s 99% negative

Thanks for scamming me again Veeky Forums

Cobinhood is still running? Thought they got a C&D from Robinhood.

Yeah i thought this also.

Buy the dip now.

I said


I might do, worried though



Get out now, seriously.

can someone shiil me about coinmetro? how does the passive income works? looking for COSS alternative.

go to their site, it's a red banner on top of the page, if you have it outside of you need to reactivate the RevenueShareIdentifier to the new contract adress, before the 12th

UI and Fiat delayed

this but unironically

who's 911?

>UI and Fiat delayed



will you faggits just buy CoinMetro and be gone with those bags? do it already

thanks I just bought 100k, hope you're not a paid shill

911 was born 9month after his mother has been raped by 11 Singaporean hence his passion for FUDding COSS and his nickname.

Timmay spotted

i didn't put up my referral number, so i guess i didn't get paid user

George Bush

shut the fuck up you faggot shill, you screenshot the thread with replies and then submit it to your marketing handler

Stright up lies Jesus christ this FUD

this entire thread is fucking retarded literally nothing happened

If I had my ERC-20 COSS tokens on my ledger's address at the time of the swap I should have been sent the new ERC-223 tokens, right?
How do I see those?

I still can't believe they named it cobinhood. Are they fucking retarded?

Ah, found them in MEW.
Etherscan doesn't show them, that's how I usually check my wallet. this is the new adress if you want to see them in MEW, if you look at your adress on etherscan you should see the right amount


At this moment I see two default tokens for COSS in MEW. Both show the same amount.
Etherscan and ethplorer only show the ERC-20 tokens with the old contract address though.
I also can't find my address when I look at the "token holders" tab of the new address.

I also reactivated the revenueshareidentifier to the new address. This should only impact my fee allocation though, not the transfer of the ERC-223 tokens

ERC223 tokens only show up after you move them to other address or send a portion to your wallet.

Etherscan is adjusting the new tokens, old tokens and their price. might take a while. Strange that you don't find your adress under the token holders, but if it shows in MEW it should be fine and you also set the new revenueshareidentifier so you will see on monday if it counts your tokens. what link do you use to check the token holders of the 10c adress?

yeah that's what i do you fucken cuck. i'm trying to help you brainlet faggits make money instead of dumping your allowance into COSS

How do I know which ones are the ERC-223 ones? They both have the exact same name on MEW.
This one

>i'm trying to help you
kys dipshit

delete both and "add custom token" you need to put in the decimals (i think 18) and the new adress. but the old one you dub COSSold

>tfw stupid FUD lost me $2k on this coin
Fuck you im holding this all the way to 0 if I must.

I can't delete them because they're not custom tokens. They're in the standard list.
I also can't add them as custom tokens because they're already in the standard list.

lel 0.001c per coin 0.001c div per week

I thought i could alter them when i logged in with private key/ metamask. easiest would be you send 0.001 Coss of both and then you'll see your balances on ethscan and ethplorer

I think it's just that the ERC-223 tokens don't show until I transfer some.
Pretty sure the fee allocation will go fine, not going to pay gas prices if it's not necessary.

We tried to warn you all. They never actually finish anything. It's always 1 week away.


MORE DELAYS, who could have seen this coming? COSSlets BTFO yet again. (Ignore the "february" in thr url, it's from today)

Sell sell sell

Yes please, I want more COSS for cheap

just bought more cuzz tokin

Then I'll HODL it for a million weeks until I make back my investment.
You'll pry these bags from my cold dead iron hands