How will we all cash out when LINK hits $1000 without crashing the market?

How will we all cash out when LINK hits $1000 without crashing the market?
t. 100k LINK

Lots will cash out at $1, $10, $50, $100. Only iron hands will hold till $1k

u really belive you gonna hold all 100k till 1000?

lol if you have that much Link you should be selling portions on the way up

You be able to sell on Payfair in an escrow

Correct. Unless you can afford to gamble with it going back down. I don’t be cashing out at $1 or even $10 but if it gets to $20 I’ll probably start selling 10% of my stack and then continue in 10% increments until it stops climbing.

* “Won’t"

Sorry for sounding like a negro.

You dont. Become a node operator instead.

If Link actually hits $1000 it would be an estatblished widely spread product at that point, making it a great store of value
what would you do with 100mil on your bank account?

It won't go to $1000 because it has no fundamentals but if you wanted to sell a huge stack of anything at a certain price you need to create a "curve" that's reasonably linear where your sell price averages to whatever you'd want to sell at.

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Lol no

Send it straight to your bank account in fiat, boyo


Very few people on this board are going to hold all the way up to $1000.

Nice b8 m8

Veeky Forums needs to make a pact to all sell as soon as $1000 is reached, at a coordinated time.

Autists will be dumping literally hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bags on normies who are FOMOing into the hype.
It will be the greatest transfer of wealth from normies to NEETs in history

Also by that time you will probably be able to negotiate a private trade with someone that runs a node or something without affecting the market.

by rolling digits here on /biz trips first then dubs next singles in numeric order.

REQ, or OTC it to an exchange, broker or financial institution.

The small amount of posters on Veeky Forums would be a drop in the FOMO ocean at that point.

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One bite at a time

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People won't cash out. They will use their LINK staking income to live free.

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you have to keep in mind that various government fiat will be worthless as the years go on. staying IN crypto will be the most intelligent decision in the future.