Do you realize there is people not buying the double bottom at 8400 right now?

A nice bounce on the monthly low yesterday, and an upcoming MA cross to the upside on the longer time frames.

Why are you waiting user? No fancy TA needed, just look at the long trend and momentum.

I prefer to put my money somewhere where I don't get cucked 10% overnight thank you

Classic Alligator-sucking-on-a-titty configuration. We all know what that means...


I ain't buying overpriced shit

That's actually good art.

>alligator config
>not a jolteon formation
the shitters on Veeky Forums never fail to surprise me

nice pic, but in all seriousness what do you look at when deciding to buy ?

It's all in the wrist user

how cute the animal i can draw is a very important factor in if i buy or sell

right now bitbean is forming a VERY cute cat that is stretching out and yawning after a big nap
bitbean is priming for a moon

same question to you as to

lol nice

i'm the same person

>double bottom
>only shows one

Leave the TA analysis to the TA larpers. You're too bad at this to even be one.

nice TA kids

check red line 8400...

surely someone has the money to buy a hitman and kill him

There was only one bottom at it was 6000

>double bottom
>shows a clear trough beneath the two
>calls it a double bottom

Do you even TA?

what if 6k wasnt the bottom and this shit is gonna hit 5k next week, then it will go back up to 9.5 then a month later drop to 4k then back to 8.5 at most then in june you finally wake the fuck up and realize its done and pull out to save whats left

This fucker need to be put to sleep forever for all the good of our shit coin BTC

>double bottom at 8400
are you genuinely retarded, boy?
zoom out
your double bottom is just 2 candles on 4h
real double bottom is at 6k

it's a double top. I dont understand why the price hasn't sinked yet.

I made this, nothing fancy just a comparison of two dates:

March 9 and 10(today)
February 2 and 3

We can see the bulls and bears are fighting over the same support/resistance last time and both started out with an initial bounce from the low 8300 levels.

He's actually done with the dumping. we're good.

This proves only complete retards are buying before we test 6k again

Bitcoin is still overpriced. The long-term mean is around 5k-6k, which will still be amazing for people who bought up until last august.

Bears will win this one.
Too many people sold.

But if a lot of people sold, aren't there less sellers then and more buyers?

Nah the bubble will either inflate or pop, there's no in between. 5-6k is an inbetween.

the double bottom was 8400 for this move on the monthly time frame. the panic sell spike was just a spike and start of inverse IHS