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I BRAP post to bait (you)'s

I lurk in confess threads to laugh

I buy a fuck ton of shit coins on YoBit

i want to be in a horizontal glory hole if you know what i mean

Earlier this week I found 33 extra litecoin in my wallet that I cannot explain how they got there. At first it made me very happy, but now I'm mainly scared. I couldn't have bought it myself and then simply forgotten about it because I don't have enough money to buy that many in the first place, and no one knows my litecoin address either.

I don't really understand the blockchain technology, but if money can suddenly magically appear in my wallet, shouldn't it be able to disappear the same way? This all worries the paranoid shizo in me, and now I no longer trust my wallets.

Post address or GTFO

Its a pasta

I'm a paid LINK shill. Enjoy the bags, fags. lol

I wrecked the deeponion coin and plan to dump again after seeing how the jap dumped his mt gox btc

I bought $9,000 of XLM at .80. It's now .30. I still think this coin has a lot of upwards potential, but I'll be stuck HODLing for a while.

I'm a nocoiner. I'm just here because /pol/ is shit now.

I'm the one who makes all the nujaks

I'm the one that shilled Axpire to you idiots. Enjoy the bags

i bought deep brain because I thought it couldn't get any lower at 8 cents

holding XLM

I panic sold all my link att .51

The majority of my portfolio is in a new coin and despite my confidence my butthole is clenched


Bought NANO at 18 cents, not that bad considering I bought XLM at 63 cents.

im 70% COSS
15% LINK
and 15% OMG

I know COSS is a gamble, but I can't wait a few years to make real money. I need it this year.

im all in on EOS but still dgaf

I put several hundred dollars into crypto and I don't know what cryptocurrency is lmaooo

I short sold some EURUSD at 500x leverage which could fuck me in the ass when the market opens next week. Pray for me.

Double 8s. Literally nothing to worry about. Goodluck though.

I have 7000 cardano and don’t plan on buying anything else until staking is released soon


I bought 4k COSS at $1.70 making it 75% of my portfolio for longterm HODL

we are going to 2k and i'm doing the hodl meme

*slow clap*


Some of these are complete bullshit
>Skin is an alien parasite
I don't want to meet the guy that thought this is true. But I do see some stuff I had not heard of before.

I went all-in on the coinmetro ico a few days ago

you monster

pamp eet

I don't like you.

I bought all-in LTC at ATH and currently HODLING with no more money to spend on other cryptos


I went in with ~$1.8k in late Dec early Jan and diversified too much, was expecting to trade a bit to diversify less. When the crash became bloody I decided to just blindly hodl. I don’t even feel that bad about it, I have faith in my coins.

crypto is a bubble and the correction is barely halfway done

I post BRAP to deter retarded thot threads with asses in thread image because I think they're a degenerate way to attract (you)s and posting BRAP is usually the best way to end these threads. I have also replied to JUSTd threads and lied about being JUSTd myself in the hopes that the OP of the thread feels less alone in his suffering.

>a statement of opinion is the same thing as a personal confession of one's actions or intent

I lost 20% of my btc on an emotional margin trade last week and have only recovered 10% of it so far.

I'm more than 90% in the real bitcoin.

Get mad segwitcucks

I'm a NEET that only uses BTC for drugs.
However I actively FUDpost.


My target income trading cryptos is only $2,000/month to pay for a little studio apartment and for a girl to come suck my dick every now and then

I didn't sell in December assuming it will go up even more.

I recently bought some ADA for hodling despite never hearing about it before, purely because it's in top 10 market cap.

I cashed out a few of my ETH to cover the initial investment in case market shits itself altogether for a longer period.

I currently hold 10,000+, may Allah forgive me for uttering this word, Tron that I bought at .07c. Happy with the rest of portfolio but these bags are shameful.

I had insider info that Rand will shill MyWish.

I've been bagholding nearly 1000 tokens for over 2 months.

Not really a huge loss, I'm just pissed I didn't sell before everything tanked to nothing.

I got to 180k of profit and didnt sell. I now have signals that would had told me to sell. Have to fuck up to learn from it.

You'll be alright just hang in there.

> Didn't sell ATH 2 months ago. Now bagholding
> All in ICX

Still considering hiring her.

i lost way too much money on the nigger coin

so you lost money betting on niggers?

I just bought some Chainlink for the first time, but besides that im ALL IN on a shitcoin with less than 10 mil market cap

I want to kick your face in, take your mother out to a nice steak dinner, fuck her asshole with a cucumber, fuck her throat with my dick, nut in her mouth and then kill her as well.

I'm a paid LINK fudder. We'll enjoy your bags, fags. lol

I rode a pump up to 3x and then lost all of it by panic BH/SL after the top.

I use opiates to ease the pain of the crypto slow seasons. Sometimes I consider using uppers to make me better at researching coins and actually putting all my energy possible into crypto.

I am the one fomo'ed and buy coss old useless old tokens in idex/ed. lost half of stack...fuccking kek

Shit effort FUD famalam

I'm heavy on nano :/ might even consider leaving this shithole because i make more money that crypto will ever make me for far less stress

I told my mom my goal was to have 500k$ in crypto by EOY. Currently sitting at 48k$.