How many expensive cats are you going to buy when you make it?

how many expensive cats are you going to buy when you make it?

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You fucking virign


I'd rather have regular cats than some genetic catastrophe.

trips don't lie OP is a virgin

also checkem

well your mother wanted a regular son but she learned to love what she got too

I think I'll get a doggo desu, probably an english bulldog

Guy near me has a savannah that takes up half his couch and I want him bad.

zero because cats suck and cat owners have toxo parasites in their brains whee

Says the guy that wants to be a millionaire just to buy fucking cats.

read about this the other day,
my cat has infected me with a parasite, which has chemically altered my brain so I like the cat more.
fucking assholes man

man pussy aint cheap ya dig? except for your momma.

Did you rub his shit all over your face?
Unless you didn't, you probably don't have it, and just like cats cuz they're fluffy.

Well you don't have to own a lot, basically just a female. Then you can pay people with other expensive cats to impregnate your cat.

However, you'll have to cut a lot of corners to make real money; medicine, food and your own time. Which would basically make you an animal abuser if you're doing it for money.

what are some cool expensive cat races OP?

i wanna buy some later

roasties are getting agitated recently

You will never make it with this mindset

grey british short hair with yellow eyes

my ex gf had two of those give me some real cool ones

what race is that in the OP

it's got two different DNAs. it's a chimaera

I really like Maine Coons but I'd be tempted to get a Savannah or some shit they big boys.



looks dangerous

These cats a viscous bastards, it’s inherent in their DNA. Seen loads, all the same.

Maine Coons are nice natured and can grow massive. Problem is they are thick as shit. They sleep under car wheels and have no self preservation so generally die one way or another.

The absolute state of roasties being unable to afford designer cats.

Yea they're loveable and kinda dumb haha. I don't let cats outside unsupervised anyway so it works for me. The real problem is all that fluff. It gets everywhere.

Norwegian forest cats are big cats 4u too but aren't as intellectuslly deficient as maine coons.

i just googled maine coon intelligence and
>they Are Smart. The Maine Coon Cat breed has been known for its intelligence for many years

They really mirror the mentality of a Britbong eh :D

>we want to assist you in acquiring crypto-riches

Norwegians are cool cats. They like humans a lot, don't have problems with babies and keep your household and atd free of pests because they are tough hunters. My family had a norwegian when I was little and the tough guy kicked the shit out of a brown hare that was eating the bark of a young apple tree sapling.

get a cat from a shelter senpai they need your help and it makes you feel good about yourself. + you can tell girls you rescued a cat and they will suck your dick. Also black cats are the shit and are statistically more likely to be mistreated and not get adopted.

Basically adopt a black cat you fucking nazi

I'm more bullish on Siberian forest cats

That cat looks trippy

>Not already having a brocat to swat away the red candles

just one

That's a beautiful cat, OP.
You guys suck, cats are awesome.
I agree, there's not really any need to buy pedigree cats. You can usually get cats for free on Gumtree from disgusting poor scum who don't get their cats spayed and are always having kittens.
You can get dogs and cats :)
Partial wildcats are morally wrong, user. You took a beautiful wild cat and made it partially retarded... They will also wreck your furniture because they have primal urge to fuck shit up.

They are breeds, not races. Although I dunno what the difference is between cat breeds and human races, genetically...

Is that the same as Norwegian forest cat? Pic related.

When LINK hits $100 I'll get a cat and name it Sergey

I fucking love cats so much, I'm going to buy a thick Maine Coon from my crypto gains this year. I don't adopt but I donate to the animal shelter so my karma is cool I think

only werewolf cats

You can get any forest cat breed or maine coons without feeling guilty because they don't have breed specific health problems. Norwegians are very healthy cats and live long

Bruh, look at this dude.

ill be a millionare though. ill be allowed to be a cunt and buy expensive cats only.

I had a beauiful white Norwegian forest cat. Def would buy/adopt another

I'd get fancy purebred cats then donate some gains to no kill shelters so I don't feel bad for not adopting

Already got my Neva


Siberian forest cats also welcome?

Here's mine

I actively try to run over cats when I see them darting across the road, I think I hit at least 10 so far.

Fuck cats.

you don't even have a drivers license you basement dwelling sociopath


shoo edgelord it's caturday

Yeeeeeeeey itz caturdaaaaaaay

savannah cat

holy shit I love cats but doggos too
cant decide which to get
can I get both or are they gonna kill each other?

both you deserve it fagit

To be honest, I want to buy this rare cat.
It's like a diamond.

This is my Bengal.
He's 16 years old now.

You know how I know you're a weed dude?

they can be best bros, if you're a good owner you know how to do this

is he still healthy and well?

main coons aren't dumb
you've clearly never owned one
you're the idiot

He lives at my parents.
He's kind of slower now and doesn't eat as much.

Every animal lover should know that you don't buy one, you adopt.

>Every animal lover
Buddy, we're not animal lovers.
We're animal investors.

Also cats are not really great investments.
Dogs give you ROI within the first year and everything after profits. While cats take at least 5 years to get ROI.

tfw no Vivec cat

Also, none, I'm just going to buy a biotech company that sells custom pets.


pets are a dumb hobby for people who aren't mentally or emotionally capable of cultivating a meaningful human existence

the only exceptions are people with exceptional special ability and relationship with animals. the kind of person per owners believe they are, but in reality are not.

all of it user, all of it


>implying in getting a cat OR a dog
im getting a ferret. ferrets are bro-tier.

They live like 2 years

they smell like shit



t. muslim

>h-here I go guys haha look how cool I am

One fluffy white ragdoll, like the one I had last year. I miss that little guy so much.


>tfw my brothers got 2 cattos
>now I get laugh at him and tell him to clean a shit box

> cattos
> chinese cartoons

>not cades



None my cheap shelter cats are good enough for me.


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Selkirk Rex

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American Wirehair

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$125k cat!

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not one expensive kitty. I will rescue every scared, sad and abandoned kitty i can possibly find and make sure they are warm and cozy and safe.

You think you can still make it?

I think there's a cat breed in Turkey that gets anxious if it doesn't get to swim

Goddamn that's a beautiful cat. That's like Star Trek level.

I'm getting a Russian blue

gotta love caturday
if i make it i want a white cat and a black cat
i'll name them tui and la

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now thats what i call edgy

Zero because im not a soy boy or third worlder