Am I being retarded?

>currently live in London
>get paid £1600 per month after taxes etc
>currently pay £1050 per month for a tiny flat
>could pay about £200 to £300 less if I shared with strangers

Should I bite the bullet and move? All my money woes would vanish but I am still not sure. It seems like it could potentially be a big inconvenience

Decide if you like living alone vs mind living with someone. Personally, fuck living with someone else dude

Get the fuck out of London.

Do you enjoy sharing a kitchen and bathroom with filthy pajeets and trannys? If so, move.

>yes goy just give up your international hubs and A-level cities to (((immigrants))), it's much cheaper in the countryside goy!

Yes. Save the money and put it into crypto. Worst case scenario you lived with someone else for a year or two and gained nothing. Absolute worst case scenario.

You could buy cheap ryanair flights everyday and live in some coast line finca in spain, still cheaper

Get a better job and/or move further out
t. also live here

living with someone else (especially a stranger) is always shit

>not living with your parents and saving over £1000/month

live with your parents and pay them like £200 a month for rent

I can't live with my parents because they live so far away and there are no good jobs outside London.

I recently got a new job with better long term prospects but which pays only slightly more at first.

The money is great but living with other people just feels wrong.

fuckin hell bro that's ridiculous

i make the same as you (well £1700 after tax) and i live at home with mummy and pay no rent

What's your job and salary?

what is your "good job"

>living in london
theres your problem right there

Make no mistake, living with other people sucks ass. But if you can put up with it for a year or two you'll save a shitton of money. You'll be able to go traveling, buy a car etc. It all depends if you're ok with living paycheck to paycheck

It's just public sector shit.

When I say good job I mean it looks good on a CV, gives me responsibilities, and will give me a realistic chance of applying to better jobs.

I don't start the job until September so I am considering going to my parents house and retailcucking to save money

Living in London with my parents, don't even have to pay rent, per se but I contribute some costs to the house such as food/bills. Honestly I'm saving £1500 per month on costs and in a few years, I'll be financially ready to own a house.

London is expensive as fuck though

I don't know why you're being so secretive. If you want real advice, tell us your age, job and salary.

living with other people gets annoying real fast when you need a shower at a specific time every day but that seems absurdly expensive for your pay grade which will not move up very quickly in the public sector

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