Portfolio rate?

How fucked am I Veeky Forums ? Am I gonna make it?
If not, what do I change?

the proportions do not make sense.

How would you structure it?

More OMG, bud.

Kind of what I was thinking as well. I'll grab some more. Thanks

The percentages do not match up with risk/reward tbhfam

Can you give me an idea how you would structure it? As you can tell, I'm in need of some more specific help. Trying to tweak this to make it "better".

This tbqh

Also no link? Smhfam

How can you make it without XRP or XMR?

no get some link if you can

I'll be honest I have 25k link. I have no clue about those top 3 I'd have to do research on them. Nano and OMG I've done some research they should be good long term but honestly have you not researched Link? I feel bad because it's not a joke.

This you need to look at like this, get a privacy coin, smart contract coin, a currency coin, oracle coin(link). Cover you basis. Your port isn't probably bad I just haven't researched your top 3 extensively.

It get's meme'd so goddamn hard here that its truly a turn off. I considered buying some but this board can be insufferable at times about it. Maybe I'll give it a deeper look. Otherwise, I still need to figure out how to better structure this.

>tfw only know of OMG and Nano
I have the same questions as OP.
This is an untouched portfolio since September

Do me

>missing out on money because of memes

you aren't going to make it user.

I like almost every single one of your picks, except when I bought them, they were more expensive lol. The only one I kinda went away from was MOD as I didnt see a reason for the token unless I'm not seeing the reason.

What about a restructure something along the lines of this.

25% BTC (Do you guys think BTC as a major holding is necessary?
20% GVT
15% OMG
10% Nano
10% POA
10% AMB
10% LINK

100% usage right there. Regardless what you think of the projects, do you think that might be a decent way to structure?

I like ARKs idea, but I havent heard anything about BitBay so I cant comment.

Are blockfolio threads back?
Want to dtich Bitcoin but idk what to buy, everything is down in sats and I feel its wasted potentional holding that all year.

Like the ICX and OMG, might pick up too if I can research quick enough

You can ditch meme coins/tokens from Q3 onward.

OP is a brain dead poorfag

This is pretty much my portfolio, except swap out BTC for NAS/VEN, and swap POA for SKY/HPB

my poorfagfolio

Post yours then bud.

Less than 50% of my ATH

If you have extra fiat now is a chance user. Do you know what projects you want if you get an opportunity?

Q3 of which year and why? Most are bags even if just by a little