Teeka Tiwari- April 2nd event

What is the event he is talking about? Or is it just the usual pump and dump stuff?

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> Based on what he heard in his private meeting from the world’s top insiders, Teeka believes the cryptocurrency market is on the verge of a “second boom” that will be even bigger than the first one.

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Wall St is looking to buy a bunch of bitcoin, but cannot a lot of times because it's illegal for them. When some ETFs come out that allow they to buy bitcoin and alt buckets, things will surge and normies will fomo into bitcoin.
I do not know exactly when this will happen, but is an inevitability.

Last pump before the inevitable exit scam

Sounds like it. Any idea what other 3 small cap cryptos he is talking about? Cindicator is one of them as hedge funds willbuy

This guy can eat a dick absolute scamster.

Are you fucking serious, trash investment.

his hypes his news alerts, but the guy knows a thing or two about financial markets more than biz.he is a former hedge fund manager

I want to believe, I refuse to sell at -50%
For once I decided to go full retard and buy in without my own initial research and got burned.
Lesson learnt I guess.

>Chink coins
Just operate on the assumption that all non-nip or korean projects are scams

Second redflag also, for some reason he says not to go over 1k for big budgets.
Seriously? 1k is chump change for serious investors.

ya, but a lot his subscribers are just normal ppl, not super rich. imagine if you had put $1000 in NEO when it was 13 cents (when he recommended)

>Atleast i think he his better than most youtubers, take an example of suppoman, that guy is shit, pumping every single shitcoin that comes to the market

I guess, I thought it was his warranty against legal action. If someone sues you over 1k no one is going to take it seriously.

People paid $2.5k just to have access to his website. I'm not sure they're only poorfags.

3rd redflag, most people featured in his videos were boomers. I seriously hope for them that he isn't taking advantage of them and bleeding them dry.

Fundamentals researcher, I think he's good at what he does but I'd only pay attention to what he says as ''additional information''. No one can predict a bubble popping, he's promising his readers that there will be another bullrun but he's been right and wrong before.

His picks have worked out great but then again, he missed a ton of big gainers aswell. As this market booms his odds of being right are very large. He has more financial experience than more probably (22y/o NEET)

kek do people seriously make investments based off these poos

True, most of his readers are boomers and people that lack the time to research, but he was recommending stocks before Bitcoin, but he's certainly notorious for his crypto picks.

But there's also a reason he recommends small amounts because that is their strategy, they pick top performers on which you can invest 400-1000$ and become near-millionaire

Plus he was also right about Ripple, if anyone recalls his little webinar with DiLorio, which Veeky Forums was heavily engaged in trying to figure out what coin he'd recommend before the huge pump. And then all got dissapointed when it turned out to be cripple. It went well over his 10x he initially claimed it would do.

Your english sucks but your heart is in the right place

>Bitcoin could go to $200k in the next bullrun

That's it, fuck this curry nigger.
I've already lost 70% of my Cindicator investment and now he's saying this shit? He's just desperate now.

Maybe its a tax pump. Burger whales pump one lats time before taking their tax money out and rebuying 35% lower.

Hello Friends, the three Coin are:

1) Ethereum Classic (ETC)
2) Litecoin (LTC)
3) Ripple (XLM)

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I guarantee you it's LINK.

no one gives a shit about link outside of biz and the only reason biz gives a shit about Veeky Forums is because a bunch of faggots pooled their money together to try and get rich, and now they want other people to buy in and drive up the price so they can cash out and leave everyone else holding bags
that's it
that's everything
link's gay as shit

there was a longer article where he said it was because of crypto tax reform. the wyoming senate one is a preview of what's supposed to come federally.
also the bitcoin ETF like another said. he has given no details about it but has mentioned it before.

fuck me, no coffee
that "Veeky Forums" should be *link
the rest holds true
and the memes suck, linkies

user, please remember to fight off the urge to hang yourself. you're valuable to someone.

why would i hang myself, im not holding link bags
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