Realistically how much time do we still have to accumulate LINK before it takes off?


its a shitcoin

A Jew definitely drew this, calling it now.

About a week, check em

the more some coin is shilled here the more of a shit coin it is. remember pfr, ufr, tron, xvg, fun? link is no exception

for you

2 years

We have a few months.

Everybody here is hyped about SXSW, but in reality the one people who will care about that are people who already hold LINK.

You still have time to buy under 1$.

don't forget dbc, king of the shitcoins

Until mainnet, which we dont have a date for, but I suspect it might be like 6 months away

what a degenerate fucking image.

Why do you have that saved?

it's hot

About three fiddy

infinite time, since LINK is worthless

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post sauce

Nope link is nothing like those shit coins, link was shilled before ico, after ico, now and forever, those shit coins where only shilled hard just before pump, during pump and now faggots crying ever now and then about losing money or asking if it will ever pump again. Nothing like link shills salty blind fag, how fucking often do you see xvg being shilled as the next great private coin to take over monero like it was in December?

Give argument
artist is "contingency"

This is the worst trash shit I have seen, wish I was referring about link here but I am referring to the degaussing pic, that's fucked up op. Maybe one day big brother tryrone will rape you, if we are lucky

>needs an argument to figure out LINK is worthless

True, remember ETH, NEO etc.

not gonna make it


thinks an open source repo with no existing network and hence no network effects has value when anyone can legit copy the code and have the same business / adoption position as LINK right now

at least another day


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Unironically think sumokoin will be pretty good (even though you weren’t talking about it). But yeah if you can’t tell the difference between link shilling and those shit coin shills you should probably suck start a shotgun

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Link will go to 12000 sat on March 14th with sxsw. Then fall back to 6000.