I just went all-in

After sitting out this bullpen, I just I bought Eth at $739.

(If it plummets now, I'm going to kill myself.)

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It's already at $737, which is bullshit, but I trust it'll go up in the long run.

Don't forget the Veeky Forums way


i hope you are trolling op

It's already at $734. I'm fucking cursed, aren't I

Question, in what world would $740 be the bottom of anything, eth will probably go back to .1 BTC again, we’ll see how much that is worth lol


It's mooning again. Thank god. Back up to $737.

I need to take a deep breath and just walk away from my computer. I've lost (and missed out on) so much money trying to time the market.

It's under $735 again. That doesn't mean it's going to plummet, but the moon mission earlier today is clearly over.

Should I sell and buy back in later this evening?

It's under $734.

How much did you put in?

fucking kill yourself

I didn't put in more than I can afford to lose. I have a job.


shut the fuck up with this NEET blog post and do us a favor and kys faggot

We don't need this kind of negativity in crypto, dude. (And yes, I can tell you're a dude.)

>its another episode of
>i put in what i can lose BUT i will check price every 2 minutes
news flash faggot that means you put in too much

Not looking good.

Fuck yes! Back up to $737. Okay. Stepping away from my computer.

Dude. I have like $20K so a little bit more than you. I'm invested in lower cap coins though, my portfolio swings like $3K a day lately. Honestly step the fuck away from the computer, not to mention even if you get a 2x from ETH it'll be at it's ATH.

Look into NANO, thank me later.

Dump it

It was $650 yesterday, why did you wait to buy now?

It looked like it was going to go all the way to $400 according to several thought leaders on Twitter.

(No, I don't trust them anymore.)

And I'm in the profit again. Fuck yes.

> $733


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>he just bought in
>dump it

What is the point of this thread?

>every 2 min
>it’s up! It’s down!

No wonder you’re losing money you over emotional fuck. Probably a woman.


I fucking hate my life. Crypto isn’t worth it. I’m fucking SECONDS from selling everything at a loss

That’s toxic as fuck, and no, I’m a guy. And no, I don’t drink soy milk, in case you’re on of those people who calls everyone who disagrees with you a soyboy

I could buy now, but then it would go down even more.

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>look down, hand over eyes and cringe
Better have a defined exit point OP

Better draw out all the resistance levels between here and 8k

user, I.....

You have the worst personality I’ve seen on here in a while. Even crypto gains wouldn’t change the fact that no one wants to be near you.

oh user

looks like the big one. OP you crashed the market asshole

You did great user. With positive affirmations it will go back up eventually

l just sold this shit is going back to $300


OP it was nice knowing you

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Sweet dreams my prince
In your dreams you made it

Here lies OP press F to pay respects

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Post pic of your hanging station op

OP crashed the market lmao

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Hodl for the rest of the year and you'll be a rich man

>guy gives good advice on how to view the world of stocks/crypto

Kill yourself.


Sell immediately and buy back in at around $600. Might take a day or two.
The bear market is not over.

Ummm it will go up if bitcoin goes up and it will go down if bitcoin goes down that's a secret don't share or screen cap this

This shit never fails to amuse me.
Some user gloats about buying in at a good price, then the price starts dropping and they panic!

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Why did u crashed the market dude. Selfish fagg

I've noticed the opposite.

When btc goes up eth dips, makes sense if people come out of eth and go to btc for gains.

I think OP killed themselves. They stopped posting.

RIP nigger

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>buying in a bear market.
How stupid are you OP?

Literally about to sell

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No, then it will recover!

the Bogdanoffs are monitoring this thread

time to get out the rope

Please kill yourself already.









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Kill yourself. It's easy.


>he hasn't sold yet
>keep dumping

I would GTFO now, this is looking like a big one!

Stop being an emotional fuck like I. Told you. Do the OPPOSITE of what you are doing cuz it’s clearly not working. Why would you buy a low volume double too during a bear run?

>He sold?

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Unless it pumps in the next FUCKING minute, I'm selling

SELL NOW rebuy at $650

put your money in a savings account easy 1% gains

You literally deserve it if you do

>Get Vitalik on the line

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These are the fuckin retards that cause the market to dive so hard

It's pumping. Thank god. Back up to $707

no they aren't, these retards are good fro making profit

don't sell! grow yourself a strong hand

Sell it now and buy back later

We pumped it enough.

Crash it

>It's pumping
>0.5% up

Buy more.

Yeha go sell and watch it pump

You are LITERALLY the dumb wojack that the bogs bully

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I'm holding and walking away from my computer. It will go up eventually.

>5 minutes until crash

>thought leaders on Twitter
You're not gonna make it.

OP, I have a buy order at 600. That's right. 6 fucking hundred. I'm betting against you. I hope it goes lower than that and hits my 5 hundred buy ins too. I hope it keeps going lower and I can buy some all time lows. I like red more than green.

Don't walk away from your computer, just kill yourself already, faggot.

This thread has to be a fucking joke, this douchebag went all in on what I assume was a medium term investment and is fucking going wild over intraday noise.
Get the fuck out of here

Well, it's going up. I made the correct decision by holding, and your buy order is going to sit there for a long, long time. I'm sorry that me NOT losing money is so angering.

Did you notice that you are not losing money by staying calm and not being an over emotional faggot? Did you learn anything?

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because their entry point SUCK ASS

What's to be angry about? I bought lower than you did, my last fill was 700. Still plenty up on that.

My only regret right now is pulling my 650 price point to be even greedier and placing it at 600 instead. But if you think it can't hit 600, well I guess we'll see. But if it does, I'll be ready. The low point this round was 641 fyi.