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You did buy the dip, didn't you user?
You want to make it or not?

Im starting to get worried, will it dip below my initial purchase of .25?

I doubt it. COSS has been making a lot of progress. The updates we've been waiting on are only getting closer.

Wow I’m glad I sold this shit coin back a $2


no way it's not going back to 0.12 user


what progress, am I missing something?

ERC-223 update and more hirings

Can you please stop

i agree with you, but i think its pointless... soon we will see the first coinmetro shill aswell..

they managed to hire a devops guy, while the problem is the source code. still not a single backend/web developer who knows something about - you know - backend/web development.
ok, they did the update, I give you that, but don't forget how big of a shitshow it was

fuck rune


literally slowest dev team

As if Binance didn't start off EXACTLY the same way.

I call meh! sure they are not the fastest in the world, but they didn't have the funds. We are seeing new hires. Stuff like that takes time, everybody who has been around in worklife knows this.

What an honest, straightforward and positive announcement.

Seems he actually understands the way crypto traders think.

This is a good thing.

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Coinmetro is just pure shite

>$1.9m volume, of which 90% is their own shitcoin

well yeah, if coss already had 200m volume it would be too late to buy in for any substantial gains. Basically the entire crypto market could be described as highly speculative, early stage investments. COSS is no exception there.

Man, I am glad that I dumped at $1.50

They're adding the top 200 coins after fiat, ui, and engine upgrade
Then you'll see volume and cry to sleep because you didn't buy early


We shall dine in singapore lads


Mong already built an entire exchange engine before, and she is head of development. The head compliance Lawyer, Praveena, has also done plenty of work for other cryptos before.

in early 2023

2021 you mean.

>Mong is there since 1,5 months
> made one devops hire in that timeframe
>no progress on backend whatsoever

things are going great senpai, Mong is really doing it

Lol implementing new processes in a business takes a minimum of 3 months.

if we lucky and they hire someone who saw nodejs before

then why keep making deadlines which they can't deliver on?

> be me senior dev
> put on new project give me task
> see first commits after noon

muh 3 months

Because the idiots are bad estimating the workload.

In the meanwhile I am testing the new pages of the website. Looks terrific. My fud also helped accumulating today, so can't be happier

which new pages?

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nada, other nigger said in telegram new pages arent opened for testers yet, devs told its pushed back another week. after todays medium, guess which nigger is full of shit

this literally dropped from 3$ to .27 now....

I bought in at .22$

I should have fucking sold and rebought jesus lord

That was me hahaha. I was fudding slack and telegram.

Frontpage. And all profile pages.

sure thing nigger, let me guess, your father works at coss, right?

People holding this really believe Rune somehow suddenly became competent. He's a nice guy with good ideas but...

A quick google research about Rune can be scary to be honest. But I believe he is getting old, running a business is not easy especially an emerging sector.

Anyhow we shall see this summer where things are headed.

He's not competent. We're literally betting our money on Jeb! the platform but with the exception that there is no Trump/Rubio/Cruz running on the opposition.


How much will you pay me for proof.

Sen me some eth. faggot and I'll share a video with proof.

begging isnt allowed anymore, you know that, right?

I am not begging. I say if you want proof. You have to pay. Simple as that. Otherways you just have to trust me on my word.

Why is this shit crashing REEEEEEEE

how active is trello?

Testers trello very active.
Feedback trello not so much anymore. All feedback has been given.

i dont give a shit about your words, ui postponed, as always, thats all what matters
and yeah, your are begging

You're. Learn English faggot. No it's not a beg. It's a trade for information. And if you don't care about my words, go fuck yourself. Thanks

Daily reminder that nobody will EVER use COSS except for the pajeets who throw all their money at it dreaming they'll be rich one day.

Face it, COSS is for losers, cut your losses and move onto another coin

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Except, you know, the entire country of Singapore

just finished deep into your moms ass and let them clean my dick after, no intentions in fuckin atm
her fat ass still doesnt worth an eth, so im still not sending you money pajeet

go back to chainlink

Lol lonely troll. Get some friends, girlfriend or boyfriend

This isn't even int the top #100 on CMC.
Nobody uses it beside for buying COSS.
They had months for improving it and it's still shit like it was one day one.
COSS is good only for a pump and dump.

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i got your mommy when i need her, that satisfies my needs, but thanks for caring

>This isn't even int the top #100 on CMC.
It actually is at place 93.

What kind of dickless weasel buys this kind of shit-token?
Dump it retards. Stay rich.

Tough guy lol. Get some friends retarted autistic boy

funny, thats what your mom said, when i asked her about you after we finished and before i throw her ass out. if i were i wouldnt kiss her when she comes home though, if you know what i mean

This shit again...

The founder of this project, Rune Evensen, has started many cash grab schemes. Many of which involved selling digital shares of his company. When he's maximized his own profits, he gets the fuck out. Any reasonable person would realized this sounds much like his previous schemes and that there is no reason to believe that this will play out any different.

And before any shills say >this time is different
>There's a "working" exchange
>Why would he dump a profitable project??

You could say the same about Mt Gox. How many people lost a fuck load of money on that, and it was way more profitable than this piece of shit.

A scam artist knows to offer something you cannot pass up and the fomo takes over, but do your own research and you will know to stay the fuck away from this

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all explained in the reddit sticky.

I think this time he wants it to be different, but he just cant deliver.
he is a mediocre ceo, the only thing he can do is selling, selling the dream to normans, thats why im still in it btw, because he is a pro in it. i could take my profit and leave this shit behind me, but i trust in Rune in that sense, that there are still a lot of normans who will jump on the train when the marketing finally starts, and thats when im gonna unload my stack, because theres no chance this shit is gonna be running in 3 years from now.
check out sitetalk now, thats the future of coss in 3 years.

Singapore only has a 5mil population, most of those guys will convert to USD and buy on a US exchange(I live in the UK and I do this).

What do you think is the level at which one should unload?

Fuck your shitty exchange. CoinMetro will shit all over it and there's nothing you can do.

Yeah the one exchange where the mother company has less of a volume than coss.

not true my friend

Sitetalk became fucking huge. So it's only a compliment.

i keep thinking about, but i dont know yet. it depends on a lot of stuff, is it moving up, because of hype or finally they deliver something, fiat or api for bots which means more volume.
most likely i will base my decision on the token price calculator here:
it tells you how over/underpriced the token is. so lets say they implement fiat, api, ui for dashboard and with some hype the coin goes back to 3ish but the volume is only 10-15M, in this case i will sell without question.
i cant trade at all, im buying and holding usually, so im gonna try to use my brain and figure something out

sure, with that google ad on the bottom of the landing page it looks really promising

I've always thought this coin could reach critical volume at which point the dividends are so high the price of coss increases even more which causes even more volume.
If that theory holds true, coss could reach anywhere between 5 and 100$.
We'll see how things develop.

Oh boy you retarded. I am 911. I fuck you all

11) The COSS team have some connections to known scams.

it only mentions veros, which could be a legit failed project. however, it doesnt mentions all the MLM shit which was going on for years before crypto stuff

MLM is in many country's not illegal. So it's a non issue.

yeah man, i thought that too. It is still possible, just not very likely. this binance incident was also interesting, with that automatic withdrawal stopping system. could you imagine coss having something like that, when they cant speed up that site since months?

Compared to January, the site is actually loading. When the first UI update came out, I literally couldn't load the exchange. Still slow yeah.

yes, thats true, they are making progress, i cant deny that

>I am 911.
what does that even mean?

That means, that I have big bags and I know alot of insider info and will crush your bags. :)