Shill me your best shitcoins with a marketcap less than $5 million

Shill me your best shitcoins with a marketcap less than $5 million.

I'm just tired of the well established coins and ERC20s. I want to get back into trading bottom of the barrel shit.


sure, post more russkie waifu pics first tho

Just in case anyone wasn't aware, YES, 7/10's like in OP's pic are available in Eastern Europe to date borderline losers who have shit jobs. The thot standard over there is so high that girls like in OP only require you to not a smelly alcoholic to be considered husband material.


thats a 7/10 in vodka land?! look at that minimal cake face. also what do you mean the thot standard being high? shouldn't it be lower in that case to be willing to date someone thats a low bearing fruit?


sorry, but with less than 5 mill, explain this logic to me user. just because it has a less than 5 mill dosnt mean its guna 10x or anything. honestly, cryptos are risky shit for most of us, your using your balls and gut more than your brain. only some assholes can use only their brain to make it a reliable income for them. thats exactly what most normie youtubers are shilling to their normie watchers, hurdur muh lower market cap, get in b4 moon! your honestly better off dipping your toes into chainlink. i wish i could've got in at 20cent when fucking LINK was being used as a mascot and that ticked me off so much about linkies using a shit game avatar to flood the threads. i do regret letting that be a put off for me, but im in atleast. atleast we have abit of a living momentuem behind link instead of most 5mill cap shit thats just dead in their tracks or very short lived.

are they loyal?

I know what I'm doing you stinky linker.

depends on the background, case-by-case basis

'thot standard' meaning the men expect the women to stay thin, dress nice and have makeup on practically 24/7

The girl you posted is an 8/10 over there if she's not short as fuck

Most people think Russian girls are meme or exaggerated bs. It's so rare to see a decent Russian guy with a fat chick, and if you do, know that he has two 19yo side sluts that he's fucking. It all comes down to diet, really. Practically no fast food in Russia. Also super motivating for them to stay thin and look hot if there are 8's and 9's all over the place ready to fuck your bf/husband.

how is that possible are nearly all the girls 7+ 8+?

My wife is East Euro and is loyal. 9/10 by US standards, 8.5/10 over there. She does however wear me the fuck out if I ever show the slightest signs of unmanliness.
For example, handyman type shit around the house/car. I know fuckall about cars, and she is constantly reminding me how the average Russian guy can fix a car, etc. Basically, whatever I can't do, she will point out how someone, somewhere can.

well i bloody dont, pls help. i need a father figure in my life. i bought chainlink in hopes of sergey noticing me and adopting me, and buying me bigmac and kiddie meal. then we go to a bar and order up tendies and alchohomol like big men

Sounds like she just needs a little beating. She won’t say shit because that’s normal over there. Bet her dad beat the shit out of her and her mom

remind her that those average guys wouldnt even be able to walk straight from drinking that much nor afford her a decent life.

yikes, is that just a shit test? or some weird mommy nature way of women always trina keep men sharp... but thats a small price to pay for to have a loyal wife. the 9/10 is a divine blessing... fuck im lonely and poor.

shieet she is tiny and qt af, what i would do to her.........

xtcc is a dark horse. just released 1 week ago on the SDEX.

I would stick those candles up her ass and smack her tits until they turn black and blue while shaving her head with an electric razor screaming "THOTS DON'T KNOW ABOUT MY LINKS LINKIES STAY STINKY $1000 EOY SERGEY WOULD'VE WANTED THIS BABE"

I would break it down like this for Russian women under 35yo :

40% are skinny. Not frail, but perhaps a little flat in the chest and ass. Not an ounce of fat though. Basically a "waif" by Veeky Forums standards.

35% have decent bodies, maybe 5 lbs overweight at most.

15% have "perfect" bodies, as in, zero fat + big tits + moderately big ass

10% are chubby or fat. Yes, fat Russian girls exist. They're just rare.

source = lived in Russia from 2014-2016, also other Soviet states before that

Also a quick note on the Veeky Forums "waif" meme: you will get bored fucking a waif eventually. You're going to want either big tits/ass bouncing in your face. That shit doesn't get old. I'm not talking about anything chubby or fat, but a flat chest is the least interesting thing in the world after 6 months.

Looks like it has a fuckhuge premine?

There's obviously a lot more risk involved since most are utterly worthless garbage fires and might hit actual 0.

Check out Shitcointalk on Youtube, you can learn a lot of from those dudes. Keep in mind they obviously shill their own bags.

Yep, her dad would belt her a couple times a year, she told me. Didn't hit the mom though.

I've never considered hitting her and won't ever, but I will say that the only time she respects me 100% is right after fucking her as hard as I can. I'm pretty positive that if I hit her, she would fight back and trash the house, lol. Slapping your wife doesn't work in America like it does in Russia, lol.


Masternodes are now live. Cost of masternode is around $4K at current price.

Dev team is active. and lots of thing in the pipeline.

Its a privacy coin based on zerocoin protocol.

Total coin supply is 10million, with current supply around 1.5million.

not less than 5mil but really close


4M ERZ - Pre-Purchase Phase
(3,319,000 ERZ from Pre-Purchase Phase sent to Burn Address EarnzBURNxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxu4e4xr)
1M ERZ - Developer Costs
5M ERZ - Held in Reserve for Lock-ins & Referrals

You probably wanted me to say SellfKey

I've been shilling Qchain(EQC) for a bit. Shit's gonna go astronomical in 2-3 months. 1mil mcap. I'm not done accumulating but it's ok, they're just now hiring a marketing team so I still got time.

CoinPoker for the next 3 weeks as they are doing a promotion that will attract a lot of professionals that will be depositing some large amounts to play the high stakes games.

Fuck you ledditor faggot and your fucking piece if shit coin.

Buy turtlecoin OP. One of the most active dev teams in crypto and owning turtlecoin won't give you AIDS.

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Buy super low market cap masternode coins you think have potential, then setup a masternode. Just search 'masternode list' into google and you'll find different sites talking about them.

Forget under 5mil, you can get under 200k market cap. You take a huge risk, but if it's something you think will survive it's nascency it could be worth it.