All quiet on the Eastern front about pic related for a while, trading started yesterday, IDEX and Etherdelta, looks somewhat solid and is hovering around ICO prices on IDEX. Thoughts?

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below ICO

ah shit yeah I just converted it, its just under half ICO price

thanks for the heads up user. i remember not too long ago some dude was shilling this ico hard. Worth a shot since its under ico price.

Once the airdrop coins hit the wallets we'll see more activity. Expecting a price drop then but word will be out and might get slow rises

Thanks for the heads up, forgot all about this. Picked up a tiny bit at current price on IDEX, put in bigger orders for when it dips over the next week.

Yeah so far there are only 344 addresses with this stuff, a bunch have probably been emptied onto exchanges but yeah the tokens have barely started making their way out. Will probably dip a fair old bit quite soon

Which exchange? I got in the airdrop but don’t know which exchange SHIP is on

IDEX and Etherdelta but I wouldnt touch Etherdelta. I haven't checked whether its the right token and the price is way higher

Check out their team and advisory board. Also theyre about to start or have already a pilot program with perdue farms .

wait SHP right? Sharpe token or wtf why does it say that on IDEX?

ou wait, nevermind

On another note,

why do you think price will drop further? I guess it all depends on the course of the market in general but given we're stabilizing from the -20/30% dip I think it's gonna hold

do you think the wallets that will get coins will just continue to dump or what?

logo looks like pussy and asshole

bumping for advice

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I think it'll dip a little further than it is now because people will dump their bonus, the current price it is trading at is without any bonus whatsoever

well isnt the bonus locked like always

Apparently not, I just asked in the telegram

Looking at their roadmap, they're a ways out from releasing something significant. Lack of news will cause it to bleed. That coupled with the current market is what makes me think it'll dip from here. And if the market turns around, ETH will likely recover faster so it'll dip on the ratio even if the value goes up. That's my thinking, anyways.

dayum, ok. i actually got banned in there because I accidentically reposted some spam link in the chat lel

did they comment anything more specific on exchanges? I believe this surely is a 10x at least from this price, given the market stabilizes

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No, they just keep parroting "we can't talk about exchanges due to compliance"

>why do you think price will drop further?
lack of news
idiots thinking airdrop = free money = time to sell

any other poorfags get their airdropped coins yet? was the first erc20 airdrop ive signed up for so im 75% sure i fucked something up.

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thanks mates

this is a really solid buy though, right? partnerships and team look great, I was pissed af that I couldnt get in time for pre-ICO but looks like it might not be that bad

Blockchain finally meets transport logistics, so unless they royally screw this up (not outside of the realm of possibilities) it should be solid.

thanks brah, will monitor the price and probably jump in next week as well

I mean just the fact that their CMO is presumably the 4th most influential business journalist in the world makes this a no brainer

he just has to meme a bit on forbes and ezpz marketing