What's the cheapest master nodes right now

What's the cheapest master nodes right now

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Crypto noob question: what's a master node and why would you want one?

Passive income, nice trips.

Master nodes are a meme.

Fuck off we're full

>trips of ignorance.
If you buy enough of something you can set up a master node and be paid for every transaction.



Masternode is a collection of coins locked up to secure the network. In exchange you gdt a steady of supply coins for securing ths network. Like 100 a day.


down the road? proly stinky linkies, not sure how many u need to make nodes however. only thing is the more you have, the likely someone will be willing to use u or something like that. brainlet here so you best dyor because im sub 80 iq. most masternode coins require tens or hundreds of thousands to get into now thats not a complete shitcoin

Guay, I bought some tokens in binance and just realized I never gave them my address, how can they send me the stuff without my address?

It literally takes no link to run a node on the network but as you said the more you have staked the more trustworthy your node will be considered. You should check out linkpool. Us small fish will pool our link together via smart contracts to create staked nodes and be paid. It's pretty fucking neat.

Their beta is currently closed, I like the idea

CPC is a decent project that will have masternodes. 5k-10k is the estimated amount we will know more very soon.

Mad cheap like 2.5k or something

Bulwark is cheap a fuck rn bulwarkcrypto.com/


Universa I believe, 1 million tokens needed, aprox 25k-30k depending on the price atm. Testnet is actively being tested.

but why should I run a masternode for some shitcoin nobody is going to use? why should I try to get a 20% annual return in shitcoins if the token price loses 80% of its value over the same year

>Tfw droppin the lowkey redpill

XSN Masternodes starting in under a week.
Need 10,000 for node
>swapping from POSW

Because they may go up? It's your call.

gtfo with that scam kiddo

ERZ currently has a 400% ROI and literally just started. A MN is less than 500 dollars and if it's just a shitcoin then there'll inevitably be a huge pump where you can make quick gains.

Idunno, seems like a cheap and promising platform.

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Buy a lot of something to earn a little of that something that is going to rapidly decrease in value, yea sounds great


Oh yes. It's all satire. Ha. ha. ha.

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How do I know which coins have master nodes and how many coins it takes to establish one? Is it stated in the whitepaper?


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Cheapest masternode would be PoWH3D: powh.io/?masternode=0x7ac74fcc1a71b106f12c55ee8f802c9f672ce40c
Relaunch of interface and website coming in a day, so buckle up for maximum fomo once the shillmachine starts.

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yes, satire just like the holocaust

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Wagerr released MNs last month, still cheap and an ambitious project

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Its not a scam you beta cuck do your research. Complete overhaul of team and brand new direction of the coin

WGR gonna be huge. Picked up 6 mn at ico. When retirement?

check out akroma

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Protip: if somebody is promising you free money to hold onto their product, you are about to get fucked.


WGR is a scam you cuck... DYOR but the wallets are empty and still no product

Jesus tap dancing Christ, I've read this 100x times and I still get excited for Chainlink to go live and start staking.

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